root canal treatment

Can Root Canal Treatment Cause Pain?

Root canal treatment is one of the most dreaded dental procedures. The purpose of root canal treatment is to save a decayed tooth so that it is not lost to extraction. People delay their treatments and deliberately miss their dental appointments fearing the pain that root canal treatment can cause. Is Root Canal Treatment Always Painful? No. Not in all cases. One must understand that root canal treatment is an excellent solution for … [Read More...]

virtual dental homes

Virtual Dental Homes

A grant from the California Wellness Foundation has made it possible for some residents to receive dental care from the comfort of their home. These virtual dental homes will save money and improve care. The way it works, is dental hygienists will provide dental checkups to the members of the retirement communities, like Kingsley Manor in California. They can take x-rays, photographs and dental charting with equipment that can be set up in … [Read More...]

survival tips for dental school

Survival Tips For Dental School

You made it to dental school!  Congratulations! You've worked very hard to get to this point and will need to continue to work hard to earn your degree. It's not going to be easy, but you can do it.  Here are some survival tips for dental school to help you get through that first year and more. Time management - This is one of the most important lessons and it is a crucial to stay on top of your studies while still maintaining your personal … [Read More...]

detect cavities

New Imaging Method May Allow Dentists To Detect Cavities Earlier

Tooth decay (dental caries, cavities) is the most prevalent dental disease among children and adults all over the world. It can result in difficulty eating, infection and even tooth loss. Some new research from SPIE describes a method that may allow dentists to detect cavities earlier using inexpensive, long wavelength, infrared imaging. Cavities begin with a very small amount of mineral loss from the tooth enamel surface.  If the caries can … [Read More...]

doggie braces

Doggie Braces

Ever heard of a dog with braces? Or even a "doggie dentist"? In Spring Lake, Michigan, you can find both. The Harborfront Hospital for Animals is helping a six month old Golden Retriever puppy get relief by giving him doggie braces. Because February is National Pet Dental Health month, the veterinary clinic decided to help Wesley out.  He wasn't able to chew well or even fully close his mouth. Dr. James Moore, the doggie dentist, says that he … [Read More...]


How To Heal Cavities Naturally

We all know how important it is to take care of our teeth.  Brushing and flossing daily, as well as eating the right foods can help to prevent cavities. But according to this YouTube video from Healthy Holistic Living, there are some ways to prevent and heal cavities naturally. Cavities can happen more often if our bodies lack the minerals and vitamins it needs.  There are some foods that will help with preventing and healing cavities.  These … [Read More...]

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The World Of Animal Dentistry

Dr. Sam Smiley of Dublin, Ohio had been practicing dentistry for thirteen years when he received a fateful call from the Columbus Zoo.  Because a 350 pound … [Read More...]

Doggie Braces

Ever heard of a dog with braces? Or even a "doggie dentist"? In Spring Lake, Michigan, you can find both. The Harborfront Hospital for Animals is helping a six month old Golden Retriever puppy get relief by … [Read More...]

Dental Practices Use The Cloud

Managing a dental practice has become more complex with more compliance demands, medical records, changing health laws and just the administrative tasks. One thing that has made business a bit easier is the … [Read More...]

Dental Practice Finance Loans

Starting a dental practice is not an easy task.  It is important to gain and establish patients and make sure that they are receiving a positive experience.  But another important aspect is the financial steps … [Read More...]

Are Dentists Paying Too Much For Financial Advisors?

If you own a dental business, you may be paying for a financial advisor to help you out.  Are you paying too much? A recent poll found that many dentists don't even know how much they are paying their financial … [Read More...]

Strategies To Offer Patients Reasonable Priced Dental Implants

Every year more dental plans are covering dental implants for patients but at a reduced rate of reimbursement. Because of this, there is more demand for dental implants, but it puts some pressure on dentists to … [Read More...]

Salary Discussion Among Employees Of Your Dental Practice

As a business owner, there are many policies and procedures that you have to put in play to keep things flowing and keep things legal. Many businesses, including dental practices, have policies in place for … [Read More...]

How A Toothbrush Is Made

Every morning we wake up and every night before we go to bed, we brush our teeth.  But in all the many times of brushing, you have probably never thought about how a toothbrush is made. A show on Discovery … [Read More...]

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