The Mouth-Body Connection

mouth-body connectionIn a recent article written by Parandis Nejati, on the ASDA blog, we learn more about the mouth-body connection.  We have all heard that many health issues can arise if your mouth is not healthy.  Poor oral hygiene can lead to issues such as heart disease and even diabetes.  Read more about the mouth-body connection here:

Healthy Habits For Your Teeth

healthy habitsNobody cares more about your smile then your dental hygienist. Not only are they there to clean your teeth twice a year, but to offer advice and tips on how to keep your teeth clean at home.  It may feel like a lecture, but don’t ignore these healthy habits for your teeth.

In a slide show article from U.S. News, Lisa Esposito lists some of these healthy habits for your teeth as per your dental hygienist.  It includes things such as fighting bacteria by brushing and flossing. Keeping your routine dental appointments as it is important to get your teeth deep cleaned twice a year.  Limiting coffee and soda as they contain acids and sugars that lead to tooth erosion and cavities. There are many other ways to maintain that super smile. Check out the full slide show with all the tips you need to keep your smile shining here:

Are You Cleaning Teeth Wrong?

are you brushing your teeth all wrongWe all know that dental hygiene plays a big role in our overall health.  Brushing your teeth is the most important part of keeping up good dental health.  But are you cleaning teeth wrong? Denplan, a private dental insurance company, created a great infographic showing the best techniques for toothbrushing.

The advice comes from research by Denplan, that found 34 per cent of people admit to missing their dental appointments. And almost half of people said they wouldn’t see their dentist if they experienced bleeding gums – with one in ten reporting they would Google the problem instead.

Denplan’s infographic showing the best technique for tooth brushing, shows that angling the bristles at 45° towards the gum and brushing both sides of the teeth with small circular movements is best. It is also important not to forget to sweep the tongue – which can harbor the bacteria.

Check out the infographic and an instructional video by following the link below:

Waterpik or Dental Floss?

waterpik or dental flossWe all know that we need to brush and floss daily in order to keep up with proper dental hygiene.  Many people have wondered which is a better way to floss: waterpik or dental floss?  Each method has some pros and cons, listed below.

Dental Floss

Using traditional string dental floss may be what most of us are used to.  It is an affordable and quick way to remove food particles that a toothbrush cannot reach. It is also easily accessible from any pharmacy or grocery store and can be done anywhere.  These are the pros. Some cons of string dental floss are that it is still difficult to reach some areas of the mouth.  It can also be difficult to handle for some people. It may also worsen or cause gum sensitivity.

Water Picking

This method of flossing is also known as water flossing. It uses a special machine that directs a stream of water into the mouth and gums. Rather than scraping the teeth to remove plaque, it uses water pressure to massage the gums and push the food away from the teeth.

The pros of water picking are that it is easy to use, especially for people with braces or other permanent dental work. The massage action can also improve gum health and reach areas that can’t e reached with regular string floss.  Some cons of water picking are that they can be expensive to purchase and more inconvenient to store.  It requires electricity and water, so it is not as easy to use on the go as dental floss.

No mater which method you choose, just be sure you do floss.  It is important to floss daily to avoid more serious mouth and health problems. If it is painful for you to floss you should check with your dentist and see what they would recommend.

Read more about flossing and water picking and how to properly do both here:


Bad Breath Tips From Top Dentists

bad breath tipsMost likely you have experienced bad breath at some time in your life.  It could be from something you ate or drank, or if you smoke, or even if you are sick. Sometimes it is hard to combat, especially if it becomes a persistent issue. Just reaching for the mouthwash isn’t a long term solution.  According to some top dentists, these are some bad breath tips that will help you feel like your old self again.

Brush your tongue – When brushing your teeth, it is important to brush your tongue as well. Bacteria accumulates on the back surface of your tongue and can cause a strong odor.

Drink plenty of water – Your favorite drink may be increasing your chance of bad breath.  Coffee, tea and other drinks don’t hydrate your mouth as well as water.  When your mouth is dry, you have less saliva which allows bacteria to sit in your mouth longer and cause bad breath.

Brush after meals -If you only brush twice a day, you may want to consider increasing that amount.  If food remains on your teeth after meals, it causes bacteria and odor.

See your dentist – If you find that your breath is strong no matter what you do, it may suggest that something more is going on besides just poor hygiene. It is important to see your dentist to get to the bottom of it.

How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath According To Top Dentists|Birmingham Mail