10 Positive Autistic Traits that Everyone Should Emulate


Many times providers and parents of autistic children focus on deficits and treatment. They list the things they “can’t” do and try to change them. One of the first things my husband said when my daughter was diagnosed with Autism was, “She’s Hanna, whether she has a diagnosis or not. She is who she is and we’ll still treat her the same.”

Although having a child with autism can be very frustrating at times, many of the problems that autistic people face can actually be blessings in disguise. Because my daughter has difficulty reading social cues, she is not easily offended. She is very innocent and accepting of others. She’ll walk up and start talking to anyone without the inhibitions some of us have of meeting new people. Also, many of the teenage social pressures pass her by (whew). There are many autistic traits that us “typical” folk could try to emulate…

10 Terrific Autistic Traits

1) Autistic People Rarely Lie

2) People on the Autism Live in the Moment

3) People with Autism Rarely Judge Others

4) Autistic People are Passionate

5) People with Autism are not Tied to Social Expectations

6) People with Autism have Terrific Memories

7) Autistic People are Less Materialistic

8) Autistic People Play Fewer Head Games

9) Autistic People Have Fewer Hidden Agendas

10) People with Autism Open Doors for Neurotypicals

autistic traits

by Krissy Venosdale

Source: http://seventhvoice.wordpress.com/2013/11/09/10-terrific-autistic-traits/