How To Become A Valued Employee


valued employeeWhether you are in the field of dentistry or some other career, you want to know that you are a valued employee.  And if you own your own dental practice or some other type of business, you wan to have valued employees.  So how can you become a valued employee?

In an article written by Brian Daniel, he explains how he became his company’s most valued employee.  One thing that kept him going was the philosophy that “No” just means they need more information. This philosophy helped him in his jobs with sales.  The biggest reason someone turns down what you are selling is because they just don’t have enough information.

Another way to be a valued employee according to Brian is to go the extra mile with co workers and customers.  He treats every potential client like royalty.  He doesn’t wait for walk-ins, he generated his own leads. He is excited at work.  When other departments are busy, he helps out even if it isn’t “his job”.

There are many more tips that Brian has for becoming a valued employee.  To read more about his story, check out the article here: How I Became My Company’s Most Valued Employee | Brian Daniel | LinkedIn.