Becoming an Emergency Dental Practice


emergency dental

If you have thought about becoming an emergency dental practice, you should know that there are many rewards both financially and emotionally.  But there are also many personal and professional sacrifices. If you are considering it, you will want to have a good idea of what types of issues you may come across so you can prepare.

Pain – Patients looking for an emergency dental service are most often under a significant amount of pain.  They may have an abscessed tooth or even broken or damaged mouth and teeth from an accident of some sort.

Payment – Most people don’t plan on payment for an emergency dental issue, because, of course, it is unexpected. You may often run into patients who won’t be willing or be able to pay.

Extended and Early Hours – If you plan to enter the field of emergency dentistry you know that you will need to offer extended hours as well as early morning hours.  Most emergency practices stay open from 8 am to 9 pm on average.

One time patients – Being an emergency dentist also means that you will get more one time patients. Many of your patients already have a family dentist, but need to be seen after hours so you’ll only see them the one time. You will also see more patients on weekends.

As an emergency dentist you will see certain issues more than others. These include things like denture problems, trauma, tooth fractures, crown and bridge problems and pain diagnosis.  You will need to be proficiently trained in these things.

If you have thought about becoming an emergency dental practice, keep these things in mind and check out the article from The Dental Geek here: The Rewards and Sacrifices of Becoming an Emergency Dental Practice.



  1. If you are an emergency dentist, get ready to take on a huge task. Even after being a non-emergency dentist, I sometimes myself encounter such type of problems.