Best Dental Marketing Articles On Facebook


dental marketing articlesIt’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the social media marketing choices for your dental practice to be utilizing. This article focuses primarily on Facebook, but not just its advantage for promoting your business.  Facebook can also be a great resource of information for all the latest dental treatments and dental discussions and it offers dentists and patients alike a dentist’s point of view on these important subjects. The Wealthy Dentist provides 8 of the best dental marketing articles on Facebook.  Here is a review of some of them:

Dental Marketing: Facebook as an Effective Internet Marketing Tool – Having social media outlets such as a Facebook page are important factors in keeping in touch with your patients.  Effective dental marketing requires that dentists keep a regular presence with dental patients in order to be successful.

5 Reasons Moms Will Follow Your Dental Practice Facebook Page – You may need to test different ways to encourage the public to engage with your practice on Facebook.  Including liking your posts or sharing your videos and posts with their friends.

10 Top Ways Dentists Can Engage Dental Patients On Facebook – Many dentists worry a lot about how many followers they have, when the real worry should be whether or not your followers are reading and enjoying what you are posting.

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