Can Oral Health Affect Athletic Training?


athlete oral healthSome studies have shown that athletes tend to have more frequent problems with their oral health.  The reasons aren’t exactly clear, but some experts attribute it to diet, mouth injuries or other factors.

Dry mouth is a common problem for athletes. This can lead to oral health problems because saliva keeps mouths moist and washes away food particles and bacteria that are left behind.  Without enough saliva production, your oral health is at risk. Dry mouth can cause bad breath and be uncomfortable.  It also leads to gum disease.

Many athletes turn to sports drinks for energy and to combat dehydration. They are popular because they claim to be better than water for replacing electrolytes.  But they have a lot of sugar which causes tooth decay.  Water is the best choice for athletes, but if you feel you must drink sports drinks, be sure to rinse with water after.

Athletes may also want to chew sugar free gum after meals or during rest periods to increase saliva production. They should also wear mouth guards to protect against injury of the mouth.  Also be sure to practice good oral hygiene.

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