The Best Dental Quotes

funny teethVisiting the dentist is not always a pleasant experience and one that many feel nervous and anxious about.  In order to help ease some anxiety, one dentist has created a list of the best dental quotes, most of which are quite humorous. Like this “Happiness is your dentist telling you that it won’t hurt and then watching him catch his hand in the drill” – Johnny Carson.

Check out the full list here and have a laugh: The Best Dental Quotes | Dentistry | Dr. Chetan.

An Unforgettable Visit From The Tooth Fairy

tooth fairyWhen your child loses their first tooth it’s a big deal; and most children know that not only does this mean they are a big kid, but that they will be getting a visit from the tooth fairy. Children are excited to put their first tooth under their pillow to wake up in the morning and find money or a prize in its place.  As a parent, you want to make this first time event in your child’s life as special as possible. Here are some creative ideas that will make your child’s first visit from the tooth fairy unforgettable.

A certificate or letter – Having an official certificate is a cute way to honor your child for their first lost tooth and visit from the tooth fairy.  You can find many ideas and materials online to try out.  Things like receipts, certificates and letters from the tooth fairy on miniature paper so it looks just like it was sent from her are so fun for kids.

A treasure hunt – Instead of your child waking up to a reward under their pillow, have the tooth fairy send them on a treasure hunt for their treasure. Leave clues under their pillow and around the house until they find some gold coins or a fun present at the end.  Add in some fairy dust for a magical finish.

A glass of water – A fun alternative to putting the tooth under your child’s pillow is to have them leave it in the bottom of a big glass of water.  In the morning they can see that the tooth fairy jumped in to get their tooth because of the magic dust (glitter) and coins left behind.

Tooth fairy basket – The tooth fairy may want to copy off the Easter bunny and bring a basket full of goodies in exchange for your child’s first tooth.  But instead of chocolate eggs and other goodies, the basket should be full of healthy snacks, books, money, or even a new toothbrush.  Include a hand written letter (on miniature paper, of course) from the tooth fairy.

Make a tooth fairy door – You can find supplies for miniature doll houses and create a whimsical door for the tooth fairy to enter through.  It’s a simple way to keep the magic of the tooth fairy alive.

Whatever you choose to make your child’s first lost tooth unforgettable, also don’t forget to talk with them about good oral hygiene habits and help get them excited about keeping their permanent teeth clean and healthy.

How To Make Your Child’s First Visit From The Tooth Fairy One They’ll Never Forget|Great Smiles

What Makes You Smile?

what makes you smileIn an article from Chris Barnard at Social Dental Network, he asks the question “What Makes You Smile?”  A smile is important as you never know how much you might be brightening a person’s day when you smile at them. Smiles have been said to be contagious.  When somebody smiles at you, you can’t help but smile back.

Chris lists 15 smile facts which include some of the following. Forcing yourself to smile can boost your mood.  Smiling boosts your immune system.  Smiles relieve stress and scientists have discovered that you use more muscles to frown then to smile, so SMILE!

To read the full article from Chris Barnard and see all 15 smile facts, click here: What Makes You Smile? | Dental Patient News.

The Effects of Halloween Candy

Halloween is fast approaching and you can be sure that you’re kids will come home with oodles of candy.  You may be worried about what all that candy will do to your child’s teeth, but according to Crest Toothpaste, they’ve got that covered.  But, as they put it, the verdict is still out on how much Halloween candy is really too much.  Check out this cute and entertaining video on YouTube from Crest that shows the effects of Halloween candy. And! Crest is offering $10 in savings!

If a $4,000 Toothbrush Doesn’t Make You Happy, Nothing Will!

8382321-piggy-bank-face-with-a-coin-over-it-the-front-view-3d-render-hi-res--isolated-on-white-backgroundAdmit it, we all enjoy watching those reality shows on t.v. with the rich and famous celebrities.  It’s fun to watch how they can spend oodles of money on things that normal people wouldn’t think twice about.  Expensive cars, yachts, airplanes, even designer handbags and clothing.  But, a new item for the rich and famous is coming on the market.  A $4,000 toothbrush!  This toothbrush is made from the finest products and claims to have the best design.  Check out the article on Gizmodo about this special toothbrush here:  If a $4,000 Toothbrush Doesn’t Make You Happy, Nothing Will.