The Best Marketing Tool For Cosmetic Dental Practices

cosmetic dental practicesWhen it comes to cosmetic dentistry, statistics have shown that dentists need to follow up better. This information, from, gives you an idea why following up can be the number one marketing tool for cosmetic dental practices.

According to the numbers, only 2 percent of sales are made on the first contact, while 80 percent of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact. It is unlikely that you or your team follow up leads that many times. Most salespeople make three contacts at the most. But if you want to maximize the return on your marketing investment you need to increase your follow ups.

This is especially important for cosmetic dentists. For example, a general practitioner will most likely get a certain amount of business because of emergency situations where the patient doesn’t have time to “shop around”. But with cosmetic dentistry, most likely the patient is going to look around at the competition so staying in front of them is very important to your marketing success.

The #1 Marketing Discipline That Supercharges Cosmetic Dental Practices|Dental Economics

Social Media Strategies For Dental Practice Growth

social media strategiesIt can be tricky to find the right social media strategies that will grow your dental practice. There are different social media platforms and deciding which ones to use depends on the objectives that you want to reach. Patients have different expectations for each type of social platform, so you want to be sure that your objectives align. Here are some things to think about when determining social media strategies:

Blog – Having a blog to link with your website allows you to share information such as office news, photos, videos, etc. Be sure to update your blog often to educate patients and promote your dental brand.

Facebook – Facebook has become an essential social media platform for dental practices to reach new and existing patients. You can set up a Facebook Business Page and share photos, events and information easily.

Twitter – Twitter is a powerful marketing tool to share quick and focused updates, connect with patients, learn from customers’ experiences and connect with peers. Twitter is easy and convenient as you can tweet messages in seconds and reach millions of potential patients.

Google+ – This is a powerful social media resource as well that dentists shouldn’t ignore. The benefits positively influence Google search results. Set up a profile for your dental practice and then you can start adding your patients, local businesses and other dental related professionals.

YouTube – YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and has 100 hours of video uploaded every minute. There are different ways you can utilize the power of YouTube video. Such as filming patient testimonies, demonstrating a dental treatment, or even showing an office tour.

Pinterest – Pinterest is a bookmark style sharing site where users “pin” and “repin” images that link to articles. It is a good way to drive more traffic to your Google + and YouTube sites.

Social Media Marketing:Effective Strategies To Accelerate Dental Practice Growth|Dental Economics

Build Your Dental Practice Using Authentic Images

authentic imagesIf you have ever been searching online for a product or service you may have come across multiple websites that use the same photo. It may be a smiling woman on a headset, a family all with perfect teeth, or a group of business people standing together. While using stock photos, such as those you can find for free online, is a cost effective way of doing things, one of the best ways you can engage patients and build your dental practice is by using authentic images on your website, blogs and social media.

Professional photographer, Bob Thompson of Thompson Brand Images, has some tips for building your dental practice using authentic images.

First, visually introduce your staff on your website. Putting names to faces can help ease patients’ anxiety about coming to the dentist. Take photos of your team dressed in colors that match with the office colors and that tie into your theme. Also, be sure to smile!

Also, don’t be hesitant to use your camera phone to boost consumer confidence. You are, hopefully, using social media to market your practice. A quick, candid photo with a caption (perhaps sharing a happy experience with a patient or team member) can go a long way. When doing so, try not to make the photos look too staged. Your practice will look more trustworthy if the photos look candid and natural. (Just be sure not to use any photos of someone upset or frowning!)

Finding stock images that match whatever message you are trying to portray on your website can be quite challenging. Instead of doing this, take photos of what happens in your dental practice and describe what the photos show.

Lastly, market to fit your practice’s personality. You will want prospective patients to feel good about your practice from the moment they first land on your website or find you on social media. Consistent color schemes and lighting effects in your photos help attract patients. While stock photos that are too different from how your practice really looks will have patients wanting to head right back out the door.

Use Original Images To Promote Your Practice|Dentistry Today

Email Strategies To Engage Patients

email strategiesEmail campaigns are important to your dental business because they allow you to connect with your current patients without being too clingy. Email strategies to engage your patients are vital in showing you care and keeping your patients informed. The following are three email strategies for dentists to have a successful email marketing campaign.

  1. Your content needs to be easy to skim. People are busy and the last thing they want is to read a lengthy email from their dentist. Most patients won’t read the full email, so make sure it is easy to scan the main points.
  2. Your content should be interesting and not too technical. Have fun with it. You don’t want to bore your patients. Some ideas to offer are oral health tips, info about your office, events that are going on in the community, or fun dental facts.
  3. Be sure to include links to your website, appointment request forms, and social media. Email is a great way to remind your patients that they need to schedule an appointment or to share content on social media. It allows your patients to “like” or “follow” your office online.

Use 3 Email Strategies To Engage Your Patients|Dentistry Today