Salary Discussion Among Employees Of Your Dental Practice

salaryAs a business owner, there are many policies and procedures that you have to put in play to keep things flowing and keep things legal. Many businesses, including dental practices, have policies in place for their employees that state what is and isn’t ok to discuss as far as salary goes. While it is understandable that employers want employees to keep quiet about compensation, it turns out the law states that enforcing this principle is banned.

This may come as good news or bad news if you are the owner of a dental practice.  The good news is, you don’t have to be the sheriff!  You don’t have to enforce this policy anymore.  The bad news is, your employees may or may not chose to discuss salary with each other.

Read more about this law and how it affects your dental practice here: Salary discussions among employees: You aren’t the sheriff anymore!

How A Toothbrush Is Made

Every morning we wake up and every night before we go to bed, we brush our teeth.  But in all the many times of brushing, you have probably never thought about how a toothbrush is made. A show on Discovery Channel called “How It’s Made” shows how different things are made.  It is very interesting to see how a toothbrush is made.  All the steps that are taken and even how each little bristle is put into the brush head.  Check out this interesting video on how a toothbrush is made.

Conserve Water While Brushing

conserve water while brushingWhen brushing your teeth, do you do your best to conserve water? Many areas in the world are in a drought, but whether you live in a drought area or not, you should try to conserve water while brushing. Here are some reminders on how to save water while brushing your teeth.

Turn of the faucet – The number one way to conserve water is to turn off the faucet while you brush. If you brush for two minutes like you should, you are wasting approximately 3 gallons of water each time. It may not seem like much, but if everyone did it, we would be wasting a lot of water. Make sure everyone in your house knows the rule too.

Brushing in the shower – Many people think that brushing their teeth in the shower is a good way to conserve water. Your multitasking right? There are some reasons that some dentists don’t recommend it though. Your shower head is full of bacteria so you are adding extra bacteria to your mouth. Also, you can brush better if you are in front of the mirror so you can see that you are doing it properly.

How To Conserve Water Brushing Your Teeth|Strober Dental


Dental Practice Expenses

dental practice expensesJust like any business, a dental practice incurs many expenses to keep it running effectively. The most common dental practice expenses that incur from month to month are employee wages, dental supplies, property leases, lab fees and insurance fees. These expenses make up the bulk of a dental business.

Wages make up the largest expense in a dental practice. A dental office will need to employ a dental hygienist, a dental assistant and a secretary. Large practices may have multiple people in each of these positions. It is likely that a dentist will spend approximately 25 percent of total revenue on wages.

Dental supply expenses vary based on the revenue of the business. Practices that see more patients and offer more services will spend more on materials. On average, dental supplies take up about 5 percent of the revenue.

Property expenses make up another huge chunk of expenses for a dental business. Depending on the size of the practice and the location, dentists can decide if the cost of purchasing and maintaining a building is a better investment or if leasing a facility is a better choice.

Lab fees, insurance costs and other miscellaneous expenses are others to count on in a practice. Dentists will want to plan on around 10 percent of revenue for lab fee costs. They will also want to be sure to purchase malpractice insurance which may start low when the practice is new but will increase. Other miscellaneous expenses may include dental association dues, continuing education costs, and license renewals.

What Are The Average Expenses Of Dentists?|Houston Chronicle

Talented Team Members For Your Dental Practice

talented teamThe team that makes up a dental practice is the most important aspect of the practice. It is the team who facilitates productivity, promotes confidence in the dentist’s skills and positively influences the practice’s income. Basically, the dentist will gain more in every way if they have a talented team.

In an article from JW White and Associates, they describe how it is not too difficult to find team members who are warm, empathetic, responsible and self motivated.  It is more difficult to create and maintain and environment which excites and challenges people.

Psychologists found common themes present in high performing team members. To read about these and more about how to find talented team members, follow the link:  Attracting Peak Performers for Twenty-first Century Private Practices | J White and Associates