Be That Kind of Friend: Dealing with Chronic Illness


chronic illnessSarah M. Eden is an author of Regency romance (think Jane Austen) and one of my favorite authors. In fact, when a new book comes out…I buy it. No questions asked. Within the past year she has been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. It came suddenly and with a vengeance. On her blog, she writes about her struggles and triumphs as she tries to cope with the chronic pain from this debilitating disease. She is brave and inspirational, even though I’m sure she doesn’t feel that way.

In her latest post, she talks about the effects of having a chronic illness on friendships. Some people are concerned at first, then indifferent, then impatient. “Haven’t you learned to deal with this yet?”  Then there is the friend that constantly lifts you up and blesses your life. It’s a great article and reminds us to be kind to those who are suffering. It’s a long road. One that can get lonely without true friends to help you along the way.

Check it the article here:

Check out her other posts as well. They are inspirational.