The Cost Of Not Flossing


cost of not flossingIf you are anything like me, you may not want to admit that you don’t floss as often as you should.  You know if you don’t floss twice a day, you run a higher risk of tooth decay and cavities.  But do you really stop and think about the cost of not flossing your teeth? Not just the cost on your health, but on your pocketbook.

The money you lose from not flossing will make your jaw drop. Just think, the average cost of a root canal is $1500.  That’s a lot of money to throw down the drain just because you are too lazy to floss.  Some other bad habits that could cost you oodles of money in the long run are playing and texting on your phone and sitting too much.  The average cost of a lifetime of carpal tunnel syndrome treatment from being on your phone too much could be as much as $30,000.  The cost of chiropractic visits over time to treat lower back pain from sitting too much is $1600.

So the moral of the story is Floss!  Save yourself the money and pain.  And try and get rid of some of the other bad habits that will cost you lots of money too.

The Money You Lose from Not Flossing Your Teeth Will Make Your Jaw Drop | Women’s Health Magazine.



  1. I didn’t realize that not flossing could cause so many problems and cost so much in damages. Flossing is one of the hardest things for me to want to do. I brush regularly but, flossing is a little different. I will have good streaks and bad streaks. After reading this, I think I will start flossing again.

  2. It’s true that not flossing can be very costly financially speaking. For a long time I couldn’t seem to make flossing a habit, and I’ve had more dental fillings than I could count on two hands. However, I finally got my act together and haven’t missed a day flossing in over two years. The result has been not a single cavity. The couple dollars I spend every couple of months on flossers is much more affordable than the hundreds of dollars on dental care! Thanks for the article!