Dental Videos To Boost Social Media


dental videosAre you using videos in your dental marketing?  If so, you are probably looking for ways to increase shares and interactions with those videos.  In an article from Tom Treanor on Social Media Examiner, you can find seven ways dental videos can boost your social media efforts.

1. Greet your Facebook fans with a video.  Facebook allows you to select a featured video to appear on your “about” page.  Be sure to choose a video that is a good representation of your business so when your visitors watch it they will know what your dental office is like.  If you would like to create a video for your Facebook page, try a tool like GoAnimate.

2. Use video posts to expand your reach on Facebook.  According to studies, video posts have the best reach of any type of Facebook post.

3. YouTube channel trailer.  If you have a YouTube channel, which you should, set up a trailer.  This is a video that plays automatically for visitors who aren’t subscribed to your channel. It is like the pitch to entice visitors to subscribe to your channel.  Make it short and to the point but interesting.

4. Build a YouTube channel with curated videos. If you haven’t gotten the chance to create your own videos yet you can still build a presence on YouTube.  Curate the best YouTube videos that are posted by other users and related to your niche.  Put them in playlists on your channel.

Read the other 3 tips to boost social media with dental videos by checking out the full article by Tom Treanor here: 7 Ways to Use Video to Boost Your Social Media Marketing | Social Media Examiner.