Eye Safety In Dentistry


eye safety in dentistryEye safety in dentistry should not be taken lightly. You know how important it is to protect your eyes while completing dental procedures each day.  Many dental procedures involve drilling at high speeds and can generate debris traveling at speeds up to 50 mph. How do you know if the eye wear or dental mask that you are using is actually safe?

Normally dentists, hygienists and dental assistants wear masks and protective eye wear.  They are available in many different designs and styles. Some are more comfortable than others and some provide full face shields which are particularly desirable.

In an article from Peter Arsenault and Amad Tayebi found on Dentistry IQ’s website talks about some research on eye safety in dentistry.  They conducted experiments using different types of masks and eye wear on dummies and then sprayed a red spray to see if certain products were still letting in debris.  Many masks and eye were have gaps and were not as protective as many would have hoped.

Read in detail about these studies at the link here: Eye safety in dentistry – DentistryIQ.