Fat or Sugar? A Pair of Twins Set Out to Find Out Which is Worse


Fat or SugarFat or Sugar? That is the debate that has hit the health world by storm. For years people have said that a low-fat diet was the answer to healthy living. This led to the explosion of “light” food. But experts have moved away from this philosophy believing that low-fat foods are unhealthy because they have a lot of additives and sugars in them. Now we are hearing more and more about the evils of sugar. But which is worse?

A pair of twins set out to find the answer. Because of their genetic makeup, identical twins make good test subjects, ruling out genetics as a possible variable in the study results. In this experiment, the twins went on a diet for a month. They were allowed to eat as often or as much as they wanted, but one twin ate a low-fat diet and the other a low-carbohydrate diet. Their exercise and activity levels were very similar and so the results of the study came down to diet alone.

Neither twin enjoyed their diet. They found little joy in eating or their meals. The one on the low-fat diet constantly felt hungry and ended up snacking a lot. The other, never felt hungry on the low-carb diet, but he had difficulty performing physical tasks and had issues with cognitive functioning and fatigue. As soon as the diet was over, he began eating carbohydrates again and found more energy and clarity.

Each twin lost weight, the one on the low-carb diet losing more. But tests showed that in the absence of carbohydrates, his body began breaking down muscle to find its energy, causing some of the fatigue and slugishness he experienced.

The results of this experiment showed that neither diet was ideal. You can lose weight on a low-fat diet, but eating an unregulated amount of sugar is definitely not healthy. Eating a diet high in protein and eliminating carbs could help you lose weight, but it has its drawbacks as well.

They discovered that it wasn’t really sugar or fat that caused food addiction or obesity, but that it was the combination of the two often found in processed food. Moderation in all things is important and if you want to lose weight, stay away from processed food and find a diet that you can keep for the rest of your life.

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