Floss or Brush First?


floss or brush firstYou may have often wondered if it is better to floss or brush first when keeping up with your oral hygiene habits. Alas, there are only a few studies on this and there is no evidence that one is better than the other to do first.

However, many dentists have different options on the matter. Some dentists feel that flossing first is best because if you get it out of the way before brushing, you won’t be tempted to skip it.  Other dentists recommend brushing first because your mouth will then be awash with fluoride as you are flossing.

So what’s your opinion?  Floss or brush first? Ask Well: Floss or Brush First? – NYTimes.com



  1. Thanks for sharing that article, Josilyn. I personally think that you should brush your teeth first and then floss; however, I acknowledge that some dentists think differently. I wish they could have an all-in-one teeth hygiene toothbrush. That would save a lot of time! What do you do: floss or brush first?

    • I usually floss first because just as the article mentioned, I tend to forget to floss if I don’t do it before brushing 🙂 An all-in-one toothbrush/flosser would be really cool! Thanks for your comment!