Foods That Cause Migraines


If you are someone that suffers from migraines, you know that it can be overwhelming to avoid all the things that might set of an attack. Especially because foods that cause migraines may differ from person to person. But if you aren’t aware of the foods that cause migraines, check out this list. You may not need to avoid all, but if you are looking for answers, elfoods that cause migrainesiminating some of these may help.

Alcohol – According to some studies, people who suffer from migraines say that alcohol plays a role in their attacks 30 percent of the time. This may be because certain compounds in wine can be culprits. Also, drinking alcohol can lead to dehydration which can contribute to migraines.

Caffeine – Too much caffeine may cause migraines because caffeine acts on certain receptors in the brain that are linked with migraines. The twist is….caffeine has a pain relieving affect and consuming small amounts during an attack can actually help. This is as long as you haven’t been

Aged cheese – People love aged cheeses because of their rich flavor and texture. Because the contain compounds called tyramines, they may cause migraines. Tyramines interact with transmitters in the body that lead to migraines.

Cured or processed meats – These meats contain a preservative called sodium nitrate and this additive may cause changes in brain chemistry that contribute to headaches.

MSG – Some inconclusive studies found that headaches may be triggered by MSG.

Citrus fruits – It is possible that citrus fruits may trigger migraines in some people, but it is still up for debate. While they are a more rare culprit, you might be able to find out if it is an issue for you by keeping a food journal.

Chocolate – This is another that hasn’t been substantiated as a true migraine trigger, while some people swear that chocolate is what causes their headaches. Some experts think that the craving for sweets is a symptom of an oncoming migraine, not the cause of it.

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