Gamify Your Dental Marketing Strategy


gamify your dental marketing strategyBecause the dental industry is competitive, the success of your practice depends on your ability to engage new patients and maintain the ones you have. So how can you use enthusiasm to drive patient retention and referrals? Gamify your dental marketing strategy.

What exactly is gamifying?  It’s the way we take our competitive instincts and control them to make everyday things engaging and exciting. We all like to play games and we all have a competitive instinct that causes us to want to be rewarded for our skills. Businesses that use gamification have profited from client engagement and seen an increase in referrals.

So how do I gamify my dental marketing strategy? It’s easier than it may sound. Apply common game playing elements like competition and points to motivate and reward your current patients to refer people to your practice. When your patients know a reward will be given they will be motivated to refer others. Some gaming elements that you could add to your referral program are points (given when a referral is made), badges (once a certain number of points is reached), challenges (goals to achieve in a certain time period) and leader board (display how your patients are competing with one another).

Gamify Your referral Program And Win New Patients|The Dental Geek