How To Get Patients To Show Up For Dental Appointments


dental appointmentsMany people don’t visit the dentist regularly but what about the people who schedule dental appointments but never show up?  It can be frustrating because you know that it is detrimental to your patients’ health if they don’t see a dentist but not only that, it affects the success of your practice when you get no shows. Here are some ways that you can encourage a better turnout for appointments in your dental practice.

You should make reminder calls. You most likely remind your patients of appointments 24-48 hours in advance, but you may also want to remind them when they are due for a cleaning or procedure before they have an appointment. Life is busy for everyone.  It is very easy to forget about an appointment or an upcoming procedure.  Be sure to make those calls or remind them in other ways.  You may want to try a postcard reminder, or a text or email.

When you confirm appointments, think about changing your language.  Instead of telling them to let you know if anything changes, ask them “Will you please call if anything changes?”.  If you can get a committed yes from your patients, it may decrease your no shows.

Lastly, being clear with your patients about the procedures they need.  Let them know how serious it is to get fixed and obtain treatment. If they know how important it is, they will be more likely to keep the appointment.

How To Get Patients To Schedule And Show Up For Dental Appointments|The Dental Geek