Get Your Smile Back With Dentures


denturesA smiling face can cause any person who is looking at it to smile too. But as you age, you can start losing your teeth and become quite self conscious of your smile. This is when dentures come in handy. This is an appliance that replaces missing teeth and can be removed and placed by the wearer himself.

Aging is not the only reason for losing teeth. One can lose teeth due to many reasons starting from dental decay, gum diseases to trauma to the face due to accidents. Dentures can give you the smile that you lost with the loss of your natural teeth. Apart from that, they help you speak and chew properly. These two things are essential for your general health and inner confidence.

With age and loss of teeth skin becomes loose and cheeks begin to sag due to loss of support from within the mouth. Dentures can put a check on this phenomenon. Nowadays the denture materials available can customize your denture in such a way that it will resemble your natural teeth and gums quite closely.

Types of dentures:

  • Traditional– This is the type of denture that is most commonly used. Traditional dentures can only be used if the gums and soft tissues heal completely after tooth removal.
  • Overdenture– In some unique situations, our remaining teeth are left within our mouth to provide retention to the denture. This is done with the intention to provide better stability and support to the new denture.
  • Immediate- This is a type of removable denture that is temporary in nature and is called immediate because it is placed on the same day of tooth removal. This is made possible by recording the impression of the patient in a previous visit prior to the extraction of the teeth and the denture is fabricated on the basis of the impression. This is for those people who cannot afford to remain toothless during the healing period after tooth extraction. Such dentures may require relining once the gums recover to ensure proper fit.

It may take some time to get used to your new dentures. Initially, you may find your dentures as a disturbance in any jaw movement you do. They may just snap out when you move your face and jaw muscles. You may have some mouth ulcers during the initial few days of using your dentures because it is a foreign body for your mouth. With time your mouth gets adjusted to the new change. Yet, if you face any major issues of pain or swelling you should report it to your dentist.