6 Tips for Instilling Good Brushing Technique in Your Kids


child brushing teethFor many children (and adults for that matter), being healthy doesn’t always come easy. Things such as getting them to eat their vegetables and taking a bath can be a struggle and at times a downright battle; why would brushing their teeth be any different? But don’t lose hope yet! The earlier healthy habits can be instilled, the better! Set your children up for a lifetime of good oral hygiene by following some of these tips and tricks to not only get your kids brushing, but excited doing it!

  1. Play a children’s favorite: “Monkey See, Monkey Do.” This one’s a two-parter:
    1. Starting at a young age kids love to mimic, use that to your advantage! Make an effort to make it look like fun when you are brushing your own teeth and they will be more excited to do it as well, even look forward to it!
    2. Let them brush your teeth and then you brush theirs. They will most likely be more willing to let you brush their teeth if they get to brush yours in return, you can make sure it’s done right, and it’s also more like a game to them then. They should get a good feel at knowing the right way to brush by feeling how the brush moves and feels in their mouth first hand when you do it.
  2. “Once upon a time…” Give them a good story. Sometimes all it may take is a creative story or two about villains such as Professor Plaque and heroes like Timmy the Toothbrush to get your kids excited to brush regularly. Dental hygienist, Kim Czerwonka, says she and her coworkers talk to kids about “why we need to brush and how the sugar bugs make holes in our teeth if we don’t brush them away.”
  3. All aboard the Toothbrush Train! Compare the motion of their toothbrush to the wheels of a choo-choo train to encourage them to move their brush around their teeth in large, massaging circles rather than scrubbing back and forth.
  4. Bubbles galore! Lots of bubbles mean that they’re brushing well, so hold a bubble contest and see who can make the most bubbles. On your mark… Get set… Brush! (just make sure they’re brushing for a total of at least 2 minutes).
  5. Show and tell. After chewing a dissolving agent, plaque turns bright pink. This is a fun way kids can see first hand where plaque and problem areas are, and more importantly why brushing makes a difference.
  6. Turn on the tube. Have your kids watch short 2 minute clips from their favorite shows to make sure they’re brushing long enough. Visit http://2min2x.org/watch-brush for tons of 2 minute videos of popular kids shows right at your finger tips!