Social Media For Dental Practices Not Optional


social media for dental practicesThere’s been a lot of discussion about the importance of social media for your dental practice. In an article from Kristie Nation of Dental Economics, she suggests that social media for dental practices is no longer optional.

If done in the correct way, social media has five major benefits that can help your practice.  Brand recognition, product/service familiarity, targets potential patients, increases appointments/profitability, increases patient loyalty and trust.

Social media has four major functions for your dental practice. It helps monitor what is being said about dentistry in general and your practice in particular.  It allows you to respond to the questions, concerns, and needs of potential and existing patients.  It amplifies your response to reach a wider audience.  It leads potential patient behavior by providing expert guidance without sales tactics.

Do you agree with Kristie Nation?  Is social media for dental practices no longer optional? Read the full article here: Social media for dental practices: no longer optional – Dental Economics.