Reasons Why You Need a Dental CPA

accountingIf you own a dental practice you know that tax season can be a little overwhelming. Rather than hiring a regular accountant to help you with your tax returns, why not hire a Dental CPA?  Here is a list of reasons, brought to you by, of why you need a Dental CPA instead of the accountant you’ve been using.

  • Your accountant doesn’t know the difference between a prophy and a root canal.
  • Your accountant doesn’t understand how your participation in insurance plans affects the percentage of adjustments to gross productions.
  • Your accountant has no clue what reasonable associate compensation models are.
  • Your accountant doesn’t know if your accounts receivable balance is normal.
  • Your accountant doesn’t know what your overhead percentages should be based on your specialty.
  • Your accountant doesn’t know how much your hygiene department productions should be relevant to their compensation.
  • Your accountant has know idea what portion of your practice should be dentist production vs. hygiene production.
  • Your accountant doesn’t provide presentations to dental associations and schools.
  • Your accountant has never heard of Dentaltown.
  • You don’t understand why vendors are saying that new Cerec is practically “free” after tax deductions.
  • You are seeing twice as many patients as last year, but your cash flow is tight.

Microsoft Word – Top 11 Reasons You Need a Dental CPA.doc – Top 11 Reasons You Need a Dental CPA.pdf.