Tips For Saving On Dental Costs

dental costsMany people avoid the dentist because they simply don’t have the money to fork over for dental treatment.  Dental treatment is known to be very expensive in the United States, in Europe and Australia. But if you wait to see the dentist, the costs only get more expensive because you may find yourself in an emergency situation.  There are a few tips for saving on dental costs.

Dental insurance – Many employers do provide dental insurance plans for their employees.  If not you can pay for one on your own.  It is similar to medical insurance in that you pay certain premiums and then the company covers dental costs for you. If you do have a dental insurance plan, you may find that it is especially good for preventative care coverage.  There may still be additional costs when you see the dentist.

Dental tourism – This is an up and coming trend that involves traveling to other countries, that have less expensive dental costs, to get dental treatment. One place that many travel for oral hygiene and dental care treatments is Asia.  Another advantage, besides the less expensive costs, is the opportunity to see new places while getting your teeth taken care of.  You may find that even with the cost of travel, you will save costs.

Free dental care – This is a little bit deceiving because though they are labeled “free”, these dental treatments do usually cost some money.  But the amount is very minimal.  They are usually offered through charity organizations, and are usually only offered to low income families or people with diseases.

Discount dental plans – These plans are a bit different than traditional dental insurance.  You still pay a premium in order to be eligible for the discount, but you can save from 20 to 60 percent on most dental treatments whether they are restorative or cosmetic. It also allows you to find the dentist that will offer you the best discount and which treatments will be the most discounted.

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Are You Getting Ripped Off By Your Dentist?

13753562-thief-in-the-cityHave you ever been to a dentist appointment for a routine check up and cleaning, only to be told about thousands of dollars in other procedures your dentist thinks you need?  In an article by Kiera Butler, on, she asks the question “Are you getting ripped off by your dentist?”

The American Dental Association has described this trend as “creative diagnosis” and it is becoming more apparent in recent years. Many dentists may be up-selling dental procedures in order to collect more from the patient or insurance.  Studies have shown that dentists nowadays owe almost double the amount in student loans as in years past.  Could this be the reason?

So what should you watch out for at your next dentist appointment? Beware of specials. You may see an ad for a laser dentistry whitening package that seems like an awesome deal.  This could just be a ploy to get you in the door so dentists can up-sell.  Also, watch out for excessive x-rays. If your dentist recommends special x-rays, like the cone beam x-ray, you may want to get a second opinion since it is a more expensive type of x-ray. Trust your gut. If you feel you’re your dentist is going overboard on treatment, always get a second opinion.  It may cost you a little more for another consult, but could save you a whole lot in the long run.

You can read the full article by Kiera Butler from here:  Is Your Dentist Ripping You Off?