Virtual Dental Homes

virtual dental homesA grant from the California Wellness Foundation has made it possible for some residents to receive dental care from the comfort of their home. These virtual dental homes will save money and improve care.

The way it works, is dental hygienists will provide dental checkups to the members of the retirement communities, like Kingsley Manor in California. They can take x-rays, photographs and dental charting with equipment that can be set up in about 20 minutes. They can also provide cleanings, fluoride treatments and sealants. They will then upload this information using telehealth technology to the dentist office. The dentist can review the records and make a diagnosis and treatment plan.

These virtual dental homes are needed because more than half of the population in the U.S. is not getting dental care on a regular basis. Hopefully we will be able to see virtual dentists spread across the country for all to benefit from.

Virtual Dental Homes Improve Care and Cut Costs|Dentistry Today