What Dental Hygienists Should Know About Allergies

dental hygienistsNowadays people are much more conscious about how food affects their health. As dental hygienists, you want to understand that allergies are an inflammatory response.

You may be thinking that allergies don’t really affect dental treatment unless the patient is allergic to stainless steel or latex. But food allergies are proving to be an aspect that can be an answer to patients who won’t respond to traditional periodontal therapy.

Allergies present themselves in two ways: overt and covert. The traditional allergic reactions to things like rash, hives, itching, vomiting, sneezing, coughing, etc. are overt manifestations. Because allergies can cause inflammation, this is where the connection to periodontal issues comes in.

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Seasonal Allergies Worse Indoors?

Millions of people suffer from seasonal allergies.  For many, the symptoms aren’t restricted to one season but can last for months.  But did you know that what’s inside your home may be causing even worse allergy symptoms than what is outside?

seasonal allergiesPollen, dust, bacteria and other allergy aggravating agents are easily tracked inside your home on shoes, clothes and even pets.  Consider taking off your shoes when coming in the house.  Keep your outerwear in a hall closet instead of in a closet with all your other clothing. Try buying a hypoallergenic pillow and replace it often.  Wash your sheets and pillowcase often.  These are all things you can do to help with allergies.

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Allergy Toothpaste to Treat Your Allergies

10049728-white-cat-look-upwards-isolated-over-whiteDo you suffer from allergies?  If so, you are not alone. Millions of people suffer from allergies and take medications on a regular basis to treat them. Recently, doctors have come up with a convenient way to administer allergy medications.  It is a special allergy toothpaste called Allerdent.

This toothpaste is specially made for each patient and contains extracts of what they are allergic to within it. Patients have found that it is easy to use and it feels and tastes the same as regular toothpaste. It is helpful for those who are especially prone to forgetting to take their pills or don’t like having shots.  Doctors are still studying whether it is more effective than having a weekly allergy shot or daily drops or pills.

Allerdent is currently available by prescription in seven states.  To read more about this allergy toothpaste, check out the article from CBS News here: New Toothpaste Could Treat Your Allergies.