Driving To De-Stress

de-stressMany people find a relaxing drive a wonderful way to de-stress and get rid of anxious, overwhelming feelings.   Driving can be a good way to get some alone time, while giving you a chance to reconnect with nature, listen to a book, or some relaxing music.

An article from the Huffington Post lists 9 reasons that driving can be de-stressing.  One of the best things a nice drive can do is allow you to get away from daily distractions and technology. Driving can also be a great opportunity to bond with friends or your partner.  Chatting with friends helps to relieve anxiety, especially if you have something on your mind that you need to rant about.

Check out the slide show from the Huffington Post to see all 9 reasons driving is a great way to de-stress here:9 Reasons Driving Can Be A Great Way To De-Stress.

Nervous Habits That Are Bad For Your Health

There are many things we do to cope with the stresses of life. Some we may even do subconsciously and some we do as a way of relaxing.  But there18048311-angry-boy are a few of these nervous habits that are not just annoying but can actually be bad for our health.

Clenching or grinding teeth – Many people grind or clench their teeth as a stress coping mechanism. Doing this can cause harm to the teeth and jaw and make it more difficult or painful to chew overtime.

Biting nails – This is one of the most common types of nervous habits, especially in children.  This not only makes your nails look ragged but can cause bleeding, bacterial infections and warts around the nail bed. The risks of colds and illnesses increase because you always have your hands in your mouth.

Crossing legs – This may be just your preferred style of sitting, or it may be something you do when stressed or nervous, but it can be bad for your health. It can lead to a rise in blood pressure, varicose veins, and bad posture. It can have long term effects on the back, hip and pelvis.

Pulling or twirling hair – This bad habit can go from normal to compulsive, which can lead to trichotillomania, pulling out hair. It can lead to patchy areas and baldness as the hair follicles become damaged.

Sucking on pencils or pens – You have probably found yourself subconsciously biting or sucking on a pen or pencil during deep thought or anxiousness. Not only is this a great way of spreading bacteria, but this habit can wear down teeth and cause jaw pain and headaches.

Touching face – Feeling stressed can lead you to put your face in your hands in frustration but can result in blocked pores and acne. This can also lead to picking your skin.  This is a way to spread bacteria which can get into the body.

Breaking Bad Habits: 6 Common Anxiety Habits You Should Break Today For Your Health|Medical Daily