Better Teeth For Better Jobs

better teethOther than being the hardest part of the human body, teeth also have a very important function in everyday living activities. One of these activities is finding a better job.  Studies have shown better teeth land better jobs. As people say, “The best thing that a woman or man can wear is a smile”, and how could you have a more beautiful smile that having a perfect set of teeth.

One of its functions is chewing, but it also plays an important role in speech and contributes to your personal appearance.  Here are some of the important things your teeth do:

Importance of Teeth

  • Digestion

Teeth play a crucial part in digestion, as once food is chewed by teeth, digestion has already started. Chewing sends a vital signal to the body to start digestion. Proper chewing has also shown greater benefits in helping more absorption of vitamins and nutrients, proper digestion and faster metabolism. Chewing also allows you to feel the shape and texture of your foods, thus developing the sense of taste.

  • Speech

Teeth also play an important part in speech, for speech is affected by how teeth meet. It helps in the articulation and the formation of words.

  • Personal Appearance

Your teeth say a lot about you, your teeth show if you have proper hygiene and proper grooming. Having a good set of teeth is also beneficial in talking with other people for it is a part of the face that is very hard to miss.

According to an online poll gathered by the AGD or Academy of General Dentistry, men are said to be less likely to visit their dentist compared to their female counterparts. Here is the result of the online poll showing the variety of reasons that men have, as to avoid visiting their dentist:

  • 45% – Men believe that they do not have the need to visit the dentist
  • 30% – Men are afraid or embarrassed to go to the dentist
  • 18% – Men don’t have the time for a dental visit
  • 5%  – Men do not have a regular dentist

However, there has been a change in the trend lately. Men have been reportedly seen regularly visiting their dentists not only for regular check-ups to assess the health of teeth but mostly for aesthetic purposes, according to Dr. J Nick Russo.

Men nowadays have seen the importance of having a strong and perfect set of teeth not only for their health and well-being, but also in landing more jobs. Nowadays, due to the extreme number of competitions when applying for jobs, physical appearance has been an added factor in choosing candidates. Aging men have felt this more as well, since when working they are subjected not only to the comparison of experience and work output but also by assessing appearance. As seen in our society today people that are better looking have more chances and opportunities at landing jobs.

That is why women and men in general, should put enough time and attention in the proper care of teeth and mouth, for it is a crucial factor towards success.