Beware Of Copyright And Fair Use Laws

copyright and fair useRecently we wrote about avoiding plagiarism when writing in your blog posts and posting things on social media.  In an article from GCF Learn Free, we learn even more about avoiding plagiarism by reading about copyright and fair use.

It’s important to cite, quote and use various sources when you write, but depending on what types of sources you use, you may have to consider copyright and fair use laws. For example, if you want to use someone’s photo for your blog or social media posts, you need to make sure you have the legal right to do it.

Check out GCF Learn Free’s tutorial to make sure that you are not breaking any laws when you post for your dental business or any business.  You can find the tutorial here: Use Information Correctly: Copyright and Fair Use.

Avoiding Plagiarism In Social Media

plagiarismMost businesses are on social media nowadays because it is a great way to get the word out about your business by being social with others.  As part of this social media campaign, many dental sites and other businesses have a blog. But if you are writing articles for your business blog, there is something you need to be aware of.  Plagiarism. Plagiarism is when you us use another person’s work and pass it off as your own.  It can include copying paragraphs from other articles or taking ideas from books or other sites without including a proper citation. It also includes images that are not your own. If you are very careful about citing your sources, it isn’t too difficult to avoid plagiarism.

An article found on GFC Learn Free gives some great examples of plagiarism online. It also gives some tips on how to cite online articles and other sources correctly. Check out the full, informative article here: Use Information Correctly: Avoiding Plagiarism.

How To Become A Valued Employee

valued employeeWhether you are in the field of dentistry or some other career, you want to know that you are a valued employee.  And if you own your own dental practice or some other type of business, you wan to have valued employees.  So how can you become a valued employee?

In an article written by Brian Daniel, he explains how he became his company’s most valued employee.  One thing that kept him going was the philosophy that “No” just means they need more information. This philosophy helped him in his jobs with sales.  The biggest reason someone turns down what you are selling is because they just don’t have enough information.

Another way to be a valued employee according to Brian is to go the extra mile with co workers and customers.  He treats every potential client like royalty.  He doesn’t wait for walk-ins, he generated his own leads. He is excited at work.  When other departments are busy, he helps out even if it isn’t “his job”.

There are many more tips that Brian has for becoming a valued employee.  To read more about his story, check out the article here: How I Became My Company’s Most Valued Employee | Brian Daniel | LinkedIn.

Social Media Rules

social media rulesIn this world of social media you want to be sure that you are doing everything right.  Luckily, many people have done research to help educate us on the best practices that will lead to the best content for our followers. Because there is so much content out there, you wan to be sure that you are sharing the best. In an article from Epic eCommerce you can find a great resource for the best social media rules.

A podcast that includes tips like: Why just saying thanks on social media is not enough. How to limit social media automation. How fake followers can kill your reputation. Be human and connect with people on a real level.

Check out the article an be sure that you are following the best social media rules: Abstract: Are You Breaking The Rules Of Social Media? | Epic eCommerce.

Good Business Practice

good business practiceWhen it comes to running a successful business, loving your job is the most important step. Hard work and determination are important, but at the end of the day it’s going to come down to people skills and your ability to get the job done.  If you don’t love your job, people can sense this and it also makes it difficult to be motivated to get things done. Good business practice is not easy, but if you love your job, it will be easier.

Getting the job done doesn’t just mean that the customer receives their product or service. It means that they receive it in a timely manner, without problems and while being served with good customer service. Also, the product or service needs to be just what you’ve said it is. The success of your business can depend on your reputation which can be good or bad depending on past experience.  Always aim for perfect service, perfect products and perfect creations. listed 5 rules for good business practice according to Richard Branson.  First, love what you do. Second, Be innovative. Third, your employees are your best asset. Fourth, lead by listening. And fifth, be visible.

How To Practice Good Business (And How To Fail)|Epic Commerce