Why You Need A Privacy Policy

privacy policyMany dental businesses are now selling dental products on their websites. You know that trust is the main key to your dental website and business’s success. In this day and age, it is likely that your prospective customer’s first experience with you is through your website. You want to be sure that you’re customer’s can feel safe to shop on your site and have a good experience.

Your privacy policy will allow your customers to have a good experience. You’re customers want to know that you are a business that will protect their private information. So if you don’t have a privacy policy, or if your privacy policy is out of date, take some time to create a great one that will help you increase sales at the same time.

Privacy Policy. You Need One. Here’s Why.|Epic Commerce

Powerful Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies

In order to promote your business, it is important to target audiences on Facebook that are in your niche.  There are many different ad formats that allow you to do this.  Research shows that people spend an average of 40 minutes a day on Facebook.  So if you can get a good targeting strategy in place, you can be very powerful in your advertising.  Larry Kim of Search Engine Journal lists five powerful facebook ad targeting strategies.

ad targeting strategiesOne popular strategy is to tap into recent purchasing behavior among Facebook users. Another way is to get creative with life events targeting, such as if you are a moving service, you want to target those who have just purchased a new house and are getting ready to move.

Check out all 5 Facebook ad targeting strategies from Larry Kim and read in detail about them in the full article here: 5 Powerful Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies | SEJ.

Twitter Releases New Curator Tool

curatorTwitter has released a new tool designed to help you find the tweets with the most value, insight and influence, based on parameters that you set.  This tool is called Curator and can be very useful for your marketing campaign.

For example, you can set the parameters to display tweets from people with more followers or display tweets that have been most retweeted.  You can even choose to display tweets of a certain topic or hashtag. Once you have this curated stream of tweets, you can even display it on your dental website to help increase your presence on the web.

Right now Curator is only available by invite. To get an invite for your business, and to read about how Twitter describes this new product, click here.

Guide To Hashtags

hashtagFor those of you that are using social media for your dental practice you want to be posting each day and even multiple times per day on some sites. When using social media, a great way to get your posts seen is by using hashtags.  A hashtag is a social media tagging system that categorizes content. You’ve probably seen hashtags all over the place in social media. Research has shown that posts with hashtags get seen two times more often than those without.

In order to get the most out of hashtags, Neil Patel from the Search Engine Journal, created a fantastic infographic that will teach you haw to leverage them on each popular social network. Check it out here: The Ultimate Guide to Hashtags | Search Engine Journal.

Local Business Sales Funnels

As with any business, a dental practice requires certain business strategies to help it thrive. In this YouTube video, Steve Brown of http://swanseabusinessmarketing.com talks about local business sales funnels.  He explains what they are and how many local business owners don’t even think about using them. Steve talks about why setting up a sales funnel will build up relationships with potential clients.  He also explains the importance of social media in building relationships and experiencing long term success.

Check out the video and decide if this is something that would work for your dental practice or any business, whatever it may be.