Sugar Smart App Tells You How Much Sugar Your Child Consumes

sugar smartThe Change4Life healthy eating campaign in the United Kingdom has released a free app that scans the barcodes of food and beverages and then tells you how much sugar the products have in them.  This app is called Sugar Smart, and is a way to help decrease the amount of tooth decay in children.

The recommended daily maximum sugar intake for children is between 19 to 30 grams. Many foods and drinks that our children consume have much more than this in one product alone!

The app will help parents to see what their children are consuming that contains the most sugar so they can make better choices for them. It also gives hints and tips on how to cut down on sugar.

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First Visit To The Dentist

first visit to the dentistWhen it is time for your child’s first visit to the dentist, you may find that they are feeling a bit overwhelmed and intimidated. Any new experience is often scary for a young child. But with the right combination of preparation and communication, you can be sure that your child’s first visit to the dentist will be comfortable and enjoyable. The following are some ways that you can help your child prepare for their first appointment.

Practice – Kids love to use their imagination.  You can role play at home and have a pretend dentist.  Practice counting teeth, brushing, flossing and fluoride. Even let your child be the dentist.

Communicate – Communicate with your dentist about how your child is feeling before the day of the appointment.  This gives them a heads up so they know if your child is particularly shy or anxious.  They can plan ahead and provide extra reassurance.

Fun – Add a little fun to your child’s first appointment by letting them bring their favorite toy or stuffed animal with them.  Find teeth related story books, tv shows or videos that feature some of their favorite characters.

Importance of healthy teeth – Make sure your child knows how important it is to have healthy teeth.  Having a healthy mouth helps your whole body stay healthy.  Explain to them that the dentist is a helper for their teeth and an important part of keeping their teeth strong and healthy into adulthood.

How To Prevent Your Child From Fearing The Dentist Office|Pediatric Dentist of Glen Falls

An Unforgettable Visit From The Tooth Fairy

tooth fairyWhen your child loses their first tooth it’s a big deal; and most children know that not only does this mean they are a big kid, but that they will be getting a visit from the tooth fairy. Children are excited to put their first tooth under their pillow to wake up in the morning and find money or a prize in its place.  As a parent, you want to make this first time event in your child’s life as special as possible. Here are some creative ideas that will make your child’s first visit from the tooth fairy unforgettable.

A certificate or letter – Having an official certificate is a cute way to honor your child for their first lost tooth and visit from the tooth fairy.  You can find many ideas and materials online to try out.  Things like receipts, certificates and letters from the tooth fairy on miniature paper so it looks just like it was sent from her are so fun for kids.

A treasure hunt – Instead of your child waking up to a reward under their pillow, have the tooth fairy send them on a treasure hunt for their treasure. Leave clues under their pillow and around the house until they find some gold coins or a fun present at the end.  Add in some fairy dust for a magical finish.

A glass of water – A fun alternative to putting the tooth under your child’s pillow is to have them leave it in the bottom of a big glass of water.  In the morning they can see that the tooth fairy jumped in to get their tooth because of the magic dust (glitter) and coins left behind.

Tooth fairy basket – The tooth fairy may want to copy off the Easter bunny and bring a basket full of goodies in exchange for your child’s first tooth.  But instead of chocolate eggs and other goodies, the basket should be full of healthy snacks, books, money, or even a new toothbrush.  Include a hand written letter (on miniature paper, of course) from the tooth fairy.

Make a tooth fairy door – You can find supplies for miniature doll houses and create a whimsical door for the tooth fairy to enter through.  It’s a simple way to keep the magic of the tooth fairy alive.

Whatever you choose to make your child’s first lost tooth unforgettable, also don’t forget to talk with them about good oral hygiene habits and help get them excited about keeping their permanent teeth clean and healthy.

How To Make Your Child’s First Visit From The Tooth Fairy One They’ll Never Forget|Great Smiles

Parents Influence How Much Their Children Eat

children eatStudies show that parents influence how much their children eat more than they may think. Helping children eat right can be a huge challenge. Some children will eat what is put in front of them, but let’s face it, most don’t.  Children are picky eaters, and at times you may wonder if they are even getting enough to eat.

One study from the CU School of Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine and University of Alabama Birnningham showed that many parents are serving their children the same amount of food that they serve themselves. It is important for parents to pay attention to the portions they offer their children and prompt them to eat according to their feelings of hunger and fullness.

The good news of this study is that because parents influence their children’s eating much more than they realize, they can influence it for the good.  Parents should set good examples of the foods they eat themselves and the portions they serve themselves.  Children are always watching.

Parents Matter More Than They Think In How Their Children Eat|Science Daily

Dudley Visits the Dentist

Dudley Visits the Dentist is a fun, cute and short cartoon about a little dinosaur who visits the dentist for the first time.  This is a great clip for your child to watch if they are nervous about visiting the dentist.  Dudley learns the different things that happen while at the dentist like getting a cleaning, x-rays and dental exam.  Check out this cute YouTube video now!