How To Motivate Your Children To Floss

motivate your children to flossGetting your children to do anything you want them to do is not always easy. Oral hygiene is no different. Many kids run kicking and screaming when their parents ask them to brush and floss their teeth. While convincing your child to brush their teeth is hard enough, sometimes parents overlook flossing.  Below are some tips on how you can motivate your children to floss.

Make A Flossing Chart – Making a chart where your child can use stickers or check marks to mark of when they floss is a good motivation, especially for small children.  Hang it in the bathroom and offer a reward after a week or month of them keeping on track. Non-monetary rewards often work the best.  Things such as staying up a half hour longer or reading an extra story with mom or dad!

Make Flossing Fun – Some parents have found that if they make a song or game out of flossing their children respond better. You may even have them count their teeth as they floss.  This is exciting for young children.

Get Them Oral Care Products – There are many oral care products that made just for kids.  You can find toothpaste, mouthwash and floss in certain colors and flavors.  You can also find dental picks and flossing sticks in different colors or designs on the handles.

Praise – Always praise them for good habits.  Tell your children you are proud of them for taking good care of their teeth.

Practice What You Preach – Kids learn best by imitating things that their parents and others do.  If they see you flossing daily, they will be more likely to floss as well.

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