Pediatric Dental Disease

pediatric dental diseasePediatric dental disease is the #1 chronic childhood illness. If left untreated, pediatric tooth decay can lead to devastating consequences that extend beyond dental health. Tooth decay can negatively impact a child’s overall health, inhibit their social development and even compromise growth.

Pain and infection from tooth decay can lead to eating, speaking and learning issues. Pediatric dental disease has been linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, pneumonia and more problems. But tooth decay is preventable. Unfortunately, dental care is an unmet health need of children in the US. This is for many reasons, such as lack of dental insurance.

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Supervised Teeth Brushing At School

supervised teeth brushing at schoolIn order to decrease the amount of tooth decay in children, some countries are placing a greater value on oral health and are beginning supervised teeth brushing at school. In some recent statistics it was shown that 10 percent of 3 year old children in England and Wales showed signs of tooth decay that could be prevented.  In some areas, more than half of 5 year olds have tooth decay and more children than in the past need dental procedures resulting from decayed teeth.

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