Why You Should Choose Dentistry For A Career

choose dentistryIf you have recently graduated and are wondering what the next step is, you may be considering a career in the health field.  The following are some reasons why you may want to choose dentistry for a career.

  • You want to help people – Because dentistry is a service oriented profession, you will be spending all your time helping people.  A career helping people can be very rewarding, especially if you make great improvements in their lives. There is instant gratification when you are able to end a horrible tooth ache for someone or improve someone’s smile significantly.
  • It’s a highly respected profession – The field of dentistry is highly respected and a dentist holds the title of doctor and is able to prescribe drugs, and perform surgeries.  Dentists are highly respected by the community and the majority of people have a positive opinion of dentists.
  • Dentistry is a stable career – A career in dentistry is stable because there is a strong demand for dentists all over the world. There are limited spots available in dental schools so as older dentists retire, there is a great demand.
  • Great income – The average dentist makes over $100,000 per year and the great thing about being a dentist is that you can determine how much you want to make based on how much you want to work.  Some dentists work less than 3 days a week and still make a great income. Dentists who work long days and even some weekends may earn above $300,000 per year.

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