How To Contact Patients

contact pateintsKnowing how your patients prefer to be contacted can be very helpful in gaining and keeping those patients. How and when you contact patients for things like appointment reminders or scheduling actually does matter to those patients.  So how do your patients prefer to be contacted?

Some market research was conducted and the findings were not too surprising for this day and age.  The greatest percentage of dental patients surveyed (30%) preferred to be contacted by text message. Other findings: Most patients over 34 prefer receiving appointment reminders by email and the age group of 35-54 preferred scheduling appointments online or through text message. Patients prefer these forms of contact because they are usually easier to respond and they don’t have to stick to business hours.

There are still some old fashioned preferences. Sixty percent of patients prefer to schedule their next appointment while still at the dentist’s office. And the majority of patients prefer to receive reminders one to three days before the appointment, as any sooner than that they forget.

Missed appointments are a pain in the neck for dental practices, so it is important that you are contacting your patients they’re preferred way.  It is a good idea for your dental office to use software that allows the office to customize reminder time frames based on patient preference.

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