Will Dental School Affect My Marriage?

will dental school affect my marriageIf you are considering dentistry as a career, you may wonder “ Will dental school affect my marriage ?”  The answer is, “Of course it will”. But it doesn’t have to be negatively. A dental student once asked his wife to write down her thoughts about dental school and how it affected their marriage and family. These are some of her thoughts:

She described that the first and second years were the most difficult.  This is because of all the long hours at school with studies and labs, but then still having to come home from school and study nights and weekends.  She felt like she had to squeeze in every possible opportunity she could to spend time with him. She explained that it often felt like she was going to school as well sometimes!  She would find time to spend with him by helping quiz him with flash cards or helping him memorize while they took walks.

It was important to her to stay busy and she had a job during the day.  At night, she would make dinner and they always tried their hardest to eat dinner together.  They even tried to have a date night once a week.

If you or your spouse are facing the long years of dental school, just remember it will all be worth it in the end.  She said there was nothing better than him coming home and with the good news of a good grade on a test or practical exam.

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What Dentists Do

what dentists doWe all know who a dentist is and that he/she provides services related to the cleaning and repairing of our teeth. But what you probably don’t know is really all that is involved in what dentists do.  Dentists have a variety of tasks and there are also more specialized dentists that have even more specific duties.  Here are some things that dentists do:

Diagnosis – Dentists diagnose and treat issues related to teeth and tissues of the mouth.  The dentist must be able to read x-rays, evaluate teeth and come up with diagnoses to help patients.

Preventative Care – Dentists help to prevent issues by instructing on good oral hygiene, educating and providing fluoride, talk about diet and nutrition and discussing issues with patients. Dentists also provide thorough cleanings twice a year to their patients.

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Why Not To Choose A Career In Dentistry

career in dentistryA recent article we posted about listed some reasons why you should choose dentistry as a career. But there are some reasons you may not want to choose a career in dentistry. The field of dentistry isn’t for everyone and it can be overwhelming if you aren’t prepared.  Check out some things you should consider when choosing (or not choosing) a career in dentistry.

  • Schooling – Becoming a dentist requires a huge commitment of time and money.  You are required to complete a bachelor’s degree (4 years) and then another 4 years of dental school.  If you want to specialize in something, such as orthodontics, you may have another 3 years or so on top of that.
  • Accumulation of debt – All those years in school can add up to a lot of student loan debt. On average, dental students have $100,000 to $300,000 in debt after graduation from dental school.
  • Hard Work – During the four years of dental school you will keep very busy and it is a lot of hard work.  It can be overwhelming and stressful, especially if you have a family.  This is something to consider.
  • Expensive start up – Starting up a practice is expensive.  If you choose to start your own practice, it will cost anywhere between $300,000 and $500,000.  And when you first start out, you don’t have many clients, it will take a while to get going.
  • Job repetition – Dentists do a lot of the same thing over and over again each day.  Many people would find this work monotonous and boring.  Be sure that you are someone that likes to do the same thing each day.

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Why You Should Choose Dentistry For A Career

choose dentistryIf you have recently graduated and are wondering what the next step is, you may be considering a career in the health field.  The following are some reasons why you may want to choose dentistry for a career.

  • You want to help people – Because dentistry is a service oriented profession, you will be spending all your time helping people.  A career helping people can be very rewarding, especially if you make great improvements in their lives. There is instant gratification when you are able to end a horrible tooth ache for someone or improve someone’s smile significantly.
  • It’s a highly respected profession – The field of dentistry is highly respected and a dentist holds the title of doctor and is able to prescribe drugs, and perform surgeries.  Dentists are highly respected by the community and the majority of people have a positive opinion of dentists.
  • Dentistry is a stable career – A career in dentistry is stable because there is a strong demand for dentists all over the world. There are limited spots available in dental schools so as older dentists retire, there is a great demand.
  • Great income – The average dentist makes over $100,000 per year and the great thing about being a dentist is that you can determine how much you want to make based on how much you want to work.  Some dentists work less than 3 days a week and still make a great income. Dentists who work long days and even some weekends may earn above $300,000 per year.

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