The Entrepreneur Dentist

entreprenuer dentistWhat is an entrepreneur dentist? An interesting article from David Salcido of FCEA Education discusses the differences between an entrepreneur dentist and other dentists. So many dentists take out lots of student loans in order to get the education they need to get their dental degree. They have the mind that they will be making loads of money as soon as they graduate and it will be easy to pay off. Salcido explains that little consideration is given to how to successfully and profitably run a dental practice.

The entrepreneur dentist will attend courses to learn the business.  They want to be the most well known dentist in their area and know how to have a competitive advantage. When a dentist sees themselves as an entrepreneur they are able to take a more optimistic approach to time and resources invested in their practice.

The Entrepreneur Dentist vs The So-So Dentist – FCEA – Continuing Education for Dentists & Chiropractors.

High Cost of Dental Education Contributes to Patients’ Costs

12973125-laboratory-scientist-research-a-blood-sampleIn an article written by David Snape, on, he voices his opinion on the high cost of dental education and how it contributes to patient’s costs. It may cost up to $200,000 for a dental education.  If you put the cost of opening a practice on top of all that, the patients are, at some point, going to be the ones who bear the costs.

Snape says it’s time to rein in the costs of education because it affects everyone.  To learn more about this and read the full article here: High Cost of Dental Education Contributes to Patients’ Costs | Toothy Grins Store.

A Little Tooth Tutorial

An article by Connie Brichford talks about how important our teeth are and helps us understand a bit more about them. The article covers the development of teeth, 4 parts of a tooth (enamel, dentin, cementum pulp), and the “types” of teeth we have and what they do (incisors, canines, premolars, molars, and third molars). This is a great article if you’ve ever wondered what exactly some of the purposes of certain teeth in your mouth.

Click the link to read the article, “The Four Types of Teeth and How They Function.” 

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