There’s No Reason to Fear Dental Implants

fear dental implantsMany people fear a trip to the dentist just for cleanings or checkups.  Imagine how they must feel if dental implants are in their future.  But dental implants are really a great option for people who need teeth replaced.  There is no reason to fear dental implants.

Dental implants look and function just like your natural teeth and can last you the rest of your life. You don’t need to worry about getting the implants because you are under anesthesia during the procedure.  When the anesthesia wears off, there is slight discomfort, but is very controllable with pain relievers for only a week or so.

Some people worry about having a gap in their smile while getting implants.  They know that the process takes a while, but the truth is, you can get a temporary denture until the implants are put in.

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Help Children Overcome Fear Of The Dentist

fear of the dentistThe reason most children have a fear of the dentist is because of the unknown. Many may have not visited a dentist before and don’t know what to expect. They might see the dentist as someone who causes pain. This is because they might have seen their parents experience discomfort after a major dental procedure.  Or they may not be able to differentiate between the dentist and the doctor where they may have been given shots. There are some things that we can do to help our children overcome fear of the dentist.

Model correct behavior – The next time you have a dental appointment, take your child with you.  Have the child watch the entire process and explain what is happening as it happens. After, make sure your child is aware of how amazing your newly cleaned teeth feel and how happy you are to have healthy teeth and gums.

Read dentist stories to your children – There are many children’s books available that talk about visiting the dentist and make it fun for children.  This can help relieve some of the unknown and fear from your child.

Pretend play – Role playing with your children is a great way to have them know what it would be like at the dental office.  Create a pretend dental office in your house with fake instruments and all.  Take turns with your child pretending to be the dentist and patient. Pretend to check your child’s teeth and talk to your child about brushing and flossing.

Bring your child’s favorite toy – You can talk to the dentist ahead of time and make sure that it is OK to bring your child’s favorite toy with you. This helps the child feel more safe and happy.

Reassure them – While you are at the dentist, be sure to let your child know how great they are doing. Give them encouragement and positive affirmations.

How Parents Can Help Kids Overcome Fear Of The Dentist|Village Dental

The Berenstain Bears Visit The Dentist

I loved reading the stories of the Berenstain Bears and watching the cartoons when I was a kid.  In this classic episode on YouTube, sister has a loose tooth and brother has a toothache.  Neither one of them wants to let their parents know about it because they are afraid to go to the dentist.  Grab your kids and watch to find out what happens!

Therapy Dogs Can Help With Dental Fears

It may be the26281208-white-dog-on-the-couch-toyterer sounds, sights and smells of the dentist, or just the thought of having a tooth pulled or some other dental procedure.  Many people have a fear of the dentist. But in some dental offices, including James River Family Dentistry, in Richmond, VA, therapy dogs are being used to calm dental fears.

Therapy dogs are natural at reducing anxieties and putting smiles on people’s faces.  Sometimes just walking in the door is half the battle and if the patient has a welcoming, fuzzy little friend to greet them they may be able to do it.  One study has found that as many as 20% of Americans do not get the dental treatments they need because of fear. Research has shown that blood pressure and heart rate go down when a patient is visiting with a therapy dog.

Because of the link between poor oral hygiene and diabetes, heart disease and other health conditions, therapy dogs may be a new gateway to better health. Read more about “Buster”, James River Family Dentistry’s therapy dog here: Therapy Dogs: A Growing Trend In Dentistry|ABC News.

Help Your Patients Overcome Dental Phobia

If you work at a dental office, you have probably had experience with patients that suffer from dental phobia.  That patient that no matter how well you try to explain things still cannot relax. It can be an obstacle that is difficult to overcome because, of course, you want your patients to feel comfortable. An article by Leslie Townsend, DDS, takes a closer look in29625342-3d-rendered-illustration-a-panic-buttonto this problem and some of the possible solutions.

It helps to understand dental phobias. Some patients are afraid of needles, while others may not like the drill.  Some even fear of gagging, choking and especially, pain.  If you can take a moment to try and understand what exactly is causing anxiety in your patient, you may be able to find ways to help them cope. You can explain procedures more precisely and just asking makes you seem more human which can help patients relax.

Encourage parents to be good dental role models to their children. With all that goes on at the dentist, the noises, sights, sounds, smells, the last thing a child needs is for their parents to pass on their dental fears. Inform new parents about how important it is to start dental care early with their children. Take parents and children on a tour of the office before the appointment and explain things that are necessary.

Lastly, help patients promote self care.  You can do this by allowing them to close their eyes, put on headphones and watch a tv or listen to music to keep them calm.  Develop rapport with your patients and just be caring and listen.

How To Help Your Patients Overcome Dental Phobia|Dentistry IQ