Public Speaking On Anesthetic

If you’ve ever watched Impractical Jokers, you know that one of the jokers must endure a punishment each episode.  In this hysterical clip, Murr, the one being punished, has to teach a cooking class after being given shots of anesthetic in his mouth.  The stuff they give you at the dentist to numb your mouth when you are getting a procedure done.

This is nothing short of hilarious as Murr tries to talk with a numb mouth, spitting on himself and others!  Check it out.

The Best Dental Quotes

funny teethVisiting the dentist is not always a pleasant experience and one that many feel nervous and anxious about.  In order to help ease some anxiety, one dentist has created a list of the best dental quotes, most of which are quite humorous. Like this “Happiness is your dentist telling you that it won’t hurt and then watching him catch his hand in the drill” – Johnny Carson.

Check out the full list here and have a laugh: The Best Dental Quotes | Dentistry | Dr. Chetan.

What Makes You Smile?

what makes you smileIn an article from Chris Barnard at Social Dental Network, he asks the question “What Makes You Smile?”  A smile is important as you never know how much you might be brightening a person’s day when you smile at them. Smiles have been said to be contagious.  When somebody smiles at you, you can’t help but smile back.

Chris lists 15 smile facts which include some of the following. Forcing yourself to smile can boost your mood.  Smiling boosts your immune system.  Smiles relieve stress and scientists have discovered that you use more muscles to frown then to smile, so SMILE!

To read the full article from Chris Barnard and see all 15 smile facts, click here: What Makes You Smile? | Dental Patient News.

The Berenstain Bears Visit The Dentist

I loved reading the stories of the Berenstain Bears and watching the cartoons when I was a kid.  In this classic episode on YouTube, sister has a loose tooth and brother has a toothache.  Neither one of them wants to let their parents know about it because they are afraid to go to the dentist.  Grab your kids and watch to find out what happens!

Hollywood’s Dental Humor

Do you need a laugh today?  Check out Hollywood’s Dental Humor on YouTube.  It’s a compilation of excerpts from your favorite comedians, Dick Van 19264175-young-blue-eyed-girl-on-white-backgroundDyke, The Three Stooges, Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Cosby and more, all relating to dental humor.

Hollywood’s Dental Humor