9 Ways to Use Toothpaste For Household Chores

Not only does toothpaste help us keep our teeth clean, breath fresh and protect our tooth enamel, but it can also be helpful in doing household chores. You might be surprised at some of these uses and if you’re like me, you won’t be able to wait to try them out.

Remove Carpet Stains

Clean Shoes27986392-hands-open-tube-of-toothpaste-on-a-white

Remove Crayon From Wall

Clean Silver

Defog Mirror

Get Rid of Drain Odors

Hang Posters

Clean Cell Screen

Remove Soap Scum

If you want to learn more about the uses of toothpaste for household chores, check out the article from Organic Authority: 9 Uses for Toothpaste that Make Household Chores Easier.

Owl City – Dental Care Song

Owl City is a band that sings a lot of popular songs these days.  This song called “Dental Care” is a fun and silly song about going to the dentist.  The video below plays the song and also shows the lyrics.  Check it out!

12 Clever Uses For Dental Floss

21533008-cereal-bread-harvest-rural-fresh-rye-wheat-wheat-food-feedDental floss is something that most people always have around the house because hopefully they are using it every day to clean between their teeth.  But besides being there for the daily cleaning, dental floss can also be used for all sorts of common items.  In this article on the Huffington Post, you can see 12 clever uses for dental floss.  Including to hang photos or other things around the house to slicing bread or cake.  Check out the article for the complete list by following the link below.

Uses For Dental Floss: 12 Quick Tricks Around The House PHOTOS.

Toothsavers Brushing Game

29764526-drawing-a-cartoon-character-with-tooth-face-vector-graphicsIf you’re like me, you are probably always looking for ways to make the day to day chores more exciting for your kids.  With the Toothsavers brushing game, your kids will be able to have fun while brushing.

The game has an evil sorceress that cast a spell leaving everyone’s mouths to rot and fill with cavities.  Your child will have two minutes to brush and scrub away the spell for each person in the kingdom! The Toothsavers brushing game is created by the Partnership for Healthy Mouths.

The Toothsavers game can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.  To learn more about the Toothsavers brushing game and to check out a quick video on how the game works, visit 2min2x.org.




Funny Teeth Parody

Here is a funny teeth parody to brighten your day!  Two old men on a fishing trip both end up losing their teeth. Never underestimate the power of karma!