I’m A Graduating Dental Student – Now What?

dental studentIt’s nearing graduation time and if you are a dental student that is ready to graduate, you may be wondering what to do next. You’ve worked hard and now that you can be called “doctor” you might be feeling a little bit unprepared. But the truth is, this is really just the beginning.  There are a few things that you can do to help you feel more prepared and land your first dentist job.

First, find a recruiter. There are many recruiting agencies that help dental offices find new dentists and help dentists find jobs.  You basically give the recruiter a list of what you’re looking for and they will help you find it.  They are highly knowledgeable and can offer great advice.  It saves you a lot of time and work and the best part is, it’s a free service.

Another idea is to get involved in organized dentistry.  It makes sense to meet as many dentists as you can to make connections.  Other young dentists like yourself may be able to give you ideas and opportunities, while older, more experienced dentists may even offer you a job at their office.

Lastly, remember that two is better than one.  Find two jobs that allow you to use your skills. It might make sense to work a few days a week in a public health practice where you have opportunity to see many patients.  This makes it so you won’t burn out early. Use the other couple of days a week working at a higher end practice so you can get some idea how private practice works. This gives you all kinds of experience and helps you for the future.

Try not to get overwhelmed wondering what to do now that you are graduated.  Be willing to learn as much as possible so your skills and experience can improve.  Congratulations!  You will be great!

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Starting A Dental Practice

starting a dental practiceAdvantages of being a dentist are that you get to be your own boss and create a work environment that fits your personal preferences and goals. But starting your own dental practice can be challenging. Whether you have just graduated, or if you have been working somewhere else and are ready to branch out on your own, here are some tips for starting a dental practice.

Buy from a retiring dentist – According to research, if you start a new practice from scratch, it may take about five years for your dental practice to mature. Consider taking over an already established practice from a dentist who is or plans to retire shortly.  You’ll already have established patients, a staff and immediate income.

Learn a specialty – Rather than referring patients to other specialists, you can learn one yourself. Some examples are orthodontics and types of cosmetic dentistry.

Marketing – Don’t let your lack of expertise hinder your success in marketing. You may want to hire a professional marketing expert to help you with a strategy for your new practice.

Set convenient hours – In order to set yourself apart from competitors, you may want to consider offering extended hours, including evenings and weekends.

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Corporate Dentistry

5689939-business-people--vectorGraduates of dental school usually leave school with extraordinary amounts of debt. With the way the economy is, this makes it more difficult for them to buy their own practices.  For this reason, many will join an existing group practice or franchise dental clinic.

Because many new graduates aren’t purchasing their own practices, a dentist who is ready to retire may have a more difficult time.  Corporate dentistry provides economic security for an older doctor who didn’t plan well for retirement and can’t find a buyer for his or her practice.

This shift towards group practices and corporate dentistry suggests that less than 10 percent of practices will be owned by a single doctor by the year 2020. There are some pros and cons of group practices.

Pros include longer office hours, and more efficient delivery of care.  It also gives the owners more flexibility to take vacations and such without a drop in production. And, of course, it allows the costs to be spread over a larger operation.

Cons include the fact that many owners will concern themselves with profit-driven care rather than valuing their patients. This affects customer service. Government will continue to be more involved with healthcare which will affect price fixing and mandated treatments.

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3 Tips for Graduated Dental Students Looking for Their First Job

9545009-happy-female-graduate-with-arms-up--isolated-over-whiteAre you a newly graduated dental student?  If so, you’ve worked really hard to become a doctor and now you need a job! In an article from Rolling Oaks Dental, you can find some great tips on what to do next.  The number thing is to find a recruiter. There are recruiting agencies that help dental offices find dentists, and you don’t have to pay a penny! If you can be in touch with them, you have you’re first step to finding a job as a dentist.

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