The Power Of #Hashtag For Your Dental Practice

Most people have probably heard of hashtags in today’s world of social media. But just in case, a #hashtag is a way to bring diverse audiences together over a common interest by putting a # in front of your keyword. As a dental practice, hashtags are just another way for you to connect with patients through social media. So how do you make hashtags a part of your social media?

The first thing you want to do is research. You can use tools such as HashAtIt to search for hashtags that are related to your practice and already being used on social media. You can search twitter for words like #dentist or #dentistry to find out what people are saying. You can also keep track of hashtags that are trending and find a way to incorporate them into your posts.

Brainstorming and looking for creative ways to talk about your practice using hashtags is the next step. Then test and retest. Keep trying new ideas and you will know what tags are working best for your posts. According to Buddy Media, even one #hashtag can increase interaction by 100% as long as you don’t use more than 2 per post (which can then lower your interaction).

Lastly, when using #hashtags, be careful to use them wisely. Don’t participate in political topics or topics that are controversial. Don’t just limit hashtag use to Twitter. Instagram and Facebook are also great platforms that hashtags work on. Above all, be genuine and don’t make it too complicated. Have fun!

The Power Of The #Hashtag: Will It Work For Your Practice?|Dental Economics