Dental Marketing Ideas for 2015 – HealthCare Marketing

dental marketing ideasThere has been a lot of talk lately about the best ways to market your dental practice.  How do you know what will work and what is best? The answer is that there’s no right answer. Different strategies work for different businesses. More dental marketing ideas for your practice are provided by Healthcare Marketing Group.

Some of their suggestions include being consistent in every element of your practice, staying at the top of your patients’ minds, and getting personal.  Read about each of these ideas in depth by checking out the full article on their blog here: Dental Marketing Ideas for 2015- HealthCare Marketing.

25 Dental Marketing Ideas The Pros Use

dental marketing ideasMany of our posts are in regards to bringing in more patients to your dental practice.  In order to do this, you need to market and promote your practice.  In an article from Jason Ruegar, on, he lists 25 dental marketing ideas that the pros use.

These include things like having an internet presence, creating websites, patient referral programs, professional dental photo shoots, Facebook post ideas and much more.  All from professional marketing and dental businesses.  Check them all out here: 25 Dental Marketing Ideas The Pros Use – Fit Small Business.