Dental Marketing Strategies

dental marketing strategiesRunning your dental practice is not always an easy task. You are constantly examining your practice and considering how you are faring with all that it entails.  Marketing is one step, and keeping patients is another. According to Dental Town, here are 12 dental marketing strategies:

  1. Stay connected – Consider patient surveys.  You can choose to do an in office survey, a mail in survey, or an email survey.  Have your receptionist let the patients know that your asking all patients for help, and that the survey is anonymous.  This is a great way to know how your practice is doing.  Also, stay in touch with your patients with a newsletter.  Make it fun, interesting and inviting to patients.
  2. Call patients after treatment – After you have provided treatments for patients, call them to see how they’re doing.  They will be impressed and thankful, especially if they have any questions.
  3. Call new patients – Within one or two days of scheduling, call the new patients and welcome them to the practice. This will set you apart from other dentists and really impress your patients.
  4. Keep up on facility appearance – Be sure your facility is clean and inviting.  You may want to consider hiring an outside cleaning company.  Have your facility decorated in warm and inviting colors. You want it to be well lit with comfortable seating.  TV’s and/or magazines are always nice.
  5. Keep a professional image – Consider professional dress for yourself and spouse.  Avoid capris and sandals.  You want everyone to reflect the image you want your office to be known for.
  6. Additional services – Adding new services within your practice will help make your practice stand out from others.  Be sure you are up on all the latest treatments and services and figure out how you can offer them in your dental practice.
  7. Personal marketing – The doctor and all team members should be personally active in the community and willing to refer when out in the community. You can offer incentives to team members for patient referrals.
  8. Have a website and keep it up to date – Make your website interesting and inviting.  Use social media with reviews on your page. Blog your website and use videos as well.  Offer promotions on your website.
  9. Consider patient financing – Look into alternate patient financing as part of your marketing program.  Programs like CareCredit or ChaseHealthAdvance can be helpful to patients so they can get all their treatments done.
  10. Evaluate patient services – What services are in the patients’ best interest, and what can you offer them? Things such as x-rays each year for the majority of your patients.
  11. Front desk organization – The front desk needs to be organized and prepared for everything.  Examples include: checking insurance benefits ahead of time, reminder calls and appointment scheduling.
  12. Show thanks – You can show thanks to your patients in many ways.  You can set up a semiannual raffle with prizes such as iPads, or free whitening treatments. There are many ideas.

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