How To Get 100 New Patients Quickly

An article from Crawford and O’Brien provides 7 dental marketing ideas to quickly generate 100 new patients. In today’s world, a strong internet marketing campaign is necessary.  Most people use the internet to search for local services, like dentists.

Crawford and O’Brien provide this colorful infographic that lists the 7 dental marketing ideas to generate 100 new patients quickly.

dental marketing ideas

And you can read their full article here: 7 Dental Marketing Ideas to Generate 100 New Patients Quickly.

Dental Practice Marketing Techniques

dental practice marketing techniquesIf you own a dental practice, you are probably looking at various ways to promote it. If you look online, you can find various web directories for promoting dental practices, online press releases, Google ad word campaigns and other dental marketing ideas.  But not every approach will suit your needs.  While online promotion should always be considered, there are still traditional dental practice marketing techniques that may prove much more effective.  Especially if you live in a smaller town.

  • Relationship based practice – World of mouth is one of the best ways of marketing your business and if you are building good relationships with your existing clients, you are increasing the chances of referrals for other patients.  This form of dental marketing requires excellent customer service and more personalized services for your patients.
  • Hiring the right staff – This is a broader view on a marketing technique, but hiring a quality staff is a way to promote your practice.  If you have the right dental team including, technicians, secretaries, receptionists and hygienists your practice will run more smoothly.  You want the type of people that can provide a human touch, who are compassionate, helpful and efficient. Also consider staff with a good attitude, work ethic and good communication skills.
  • Create a brochure or newsletter – Providing information that your customer can read that explains the services you offer provides an opportunity for clients to stay informed.  They will know about any changes in hours, services or expenses and won’t be surprised.  You can also use this method to offer seasonal discounts or other types of promotions.
  • Start a mailing list – You can either follow a traditional route which uses regular postal mail, or try internet dental marketing mail lists by collecting your clients email addresses. Be careful not to spam clients with mass emails, or this will leave a bad impression.  Having a mailing list is a good way to form an overall communication strategy for newsletters, follow up calls, appointment reminders, etc.
  • Start a patient referral program – Offer discounts to existing patients who refer other friends or family to your dental practice.
  • Place ads in community newsletters – This is an old school dental marketing idea which still works!  The majority of your patients will include people from your local community.  If your community puts out a newsletter, this is a great way to advertise.
  • Join your local Chamber of Commerce – This gives you direct access to other businesses in your district and provide in house marketing.
  • Radio advertising – This is another old school approach which still works. People always listen to the radio in their cars, at work, and even at home. Use memorable jingles or name ideas that will stick in people’s minds.

Top 10 Dental Practice Marketing Ideas|Product-ivity

Dental Marketing Practices You May Be Wasting Your Money On

dental marketing practicesDental marketing practices don’t have to be all or nothing. Most dental marketing advice is based on bringing in new patients.  But marketing is more than just getting patients to call and make an appointment.  It has to do with the whole patient experience. How patients are treated once they do make the first contact and how they feel about their experience during and after their first appointment, at follow-up appointments and even between appointments are what make up the overall patient experience.

Dentists who are spending money on marketing efforts without seeing a positive return on investment may conclude that their marketing is a waste of time. But instead of spending more money on new marketing practices, there are some things to consider.

  • Verbal skills training for your marketing team – The front desk team needs to receive training on verbal skills to help address insurance and payment concerns. Hygienists and dentists need to be trained on how to overcome mistakes, obstacles and objections related to treatment and planning.
  • Appointing new patients – Make the new patient calls the front desks top priority. Make sure they commit to scheduling new patients within 1 to 3 days of the initial phone call. Otherwise they may choose another office.
  • New patient communication – Help new patients feel as though they already belong in your practice by tailoring communication with them. Prior to the first appointment, a welcome letter can help to introduce the patient to the practice and answer any common questions.
  • Calculating return on investment – Make sure the money spent on marketing efforts is being used most effectively by tracking the return on investment.
  • Improve online experience – Today’s dental patients most often use the internet to research the dentist and practice before they make their first appointments. It should be designed to reflect the practice and the dentist.

Engaging in external marketing activities is necessary for practice growth, but it’s critical to remember that marketing is just one component in an integrated practice management strategy.

Stop Wasting Your Marketing Budget|Inside Dentistry

Social Media In Your Dental Practice

social media in your dental practiceAre you utilizing social media in your dental practice? Are you wondering what’s working and what’s not?  In an article from Rita Zamora Connections she helps to answer these questions.

74 percent of online adults use social networking sites, according to Pew Internet Project. So if you thought it was just going to go away, think again. Here are some of the most relevant social networking sites.

Facebook – More and more people use Facebook to comment, ask questions and stay engaged with their dental office. The most popular Facebook posts are those that are photos of the dentist and staff.

Twitter – Twitter is popular for dental practices as well, but Rita says that it is still not being used effectively or efficiently by dental professionals.  Read the full article to see some of her tips about how to better manage Twitter and also read about other social networking sites, such as Google Plus and Instagram and how they can be beneficial to your dental office.


Another Great Way To Advertise Your Dental Practice – Billboards

In previous articles we have mentioned many ways of advertising your dental practice in order to attract new clients.  Another great way for dentists to advertise is through billboards. Billboards located along high traffic areas that are in the area of your practice is a good route to go. Most people travel the same route each day and if they pass by a billboard advertising your 9226043-outdoor-advertising-construction-vectorpractice it will eventually become stuck in their heads.

Here are some tips for advertising with billboards. Find a billboard that is for lease in an area that you want to advertise.  Then you will need to call the number listed or visit the website listed on that billboard to begin leasing. If there is more than one empty billboard in that area, call a couple to compare rates and get the best deal.

One advantage to using a billboard for marketing is that you have quite a bit of space to use your creativity. You could use a big white smile, or some kind of amusing phrase to gain attention to the billboard.

Lastly, when you do gain new clients, ask how they heard about your business.  This will help you know how many people are seeing the billboard and if it is bringing in enough clients to make it worth your while.

Marketing Dental Practices Through Billboards | DentalTown