How To Get Patients To Show Up For Dental Appointments

dental appointmentsMany people don’t visit the dentist regularly but what about the people who schedule dental appointments but never show up?  It can be frustrating because you know that it is detrimental to your patients’ health if they don’t see a dentist but not only that, it affects the success of your practice when you get no shows. Here are some ways that you can encourage a better turnout for appointments in your dental practice.

You should make reminder calls. You most likely remind your patients of appointments 24-48 hours in advance, but you may also want to remind them when they are due for a cleaning or procedure before they have an appointment. Life is busy for everyone.  It is very easy to forget about an appointment or an upcoming procedure.  Be sure to make those calls or remind them in other ways.  You may want to try a postcard reminder, or a text or email.

When you confirm appointments, think about changing your language.  Instead of telling them to let you know if anything changes, ask them “Will you please call if anything changes?”.  If you can get a committed yes from your patients, it may decrease your no shows.

Lastly, being clear with your patients about the procedures they need.  Let them know how serious it is to get fixed and obtain treatment. If they know how important it is, they will be more likely to keep the appointment.

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Reasons Why You Need a Dental CPA

accountingIf you own a dental practice you know that tax season can be a little overwhelming. Rather than hiring a regular accountant to help you with your tax returns, why not hire a Dental CPA?  Here is a list of reasons, brought to you by, of why you need a Dental CPA instead of the accountant you’ve been using.

  • Your accountant doesn’t know the difference between a prophy and a root canal.
  • Your accountant doesn’t understand how your participation in insurance plans affects the percentage of adjustments to gross productions.
  • Your accountant has no clue what reasonable associate compensation models are.
  • Your accountant doesn’t know if your accounts receivable balance is normal.
  • Your accountant doesn’t know what your overhead percentages should be based on your specialty.
  • Your accountant doesn’t know how much your hygiene department productions should be relevant to their compensation.
  • Your accountant has know idea what portion of your practice should be dentist production vs. hygiene production.
  • Your accountant doesn’t provide presentations to dental associations and schools.
  • Your accountant has never heard of Dentaltown.
  • You don’t understand why vendors are saying that new Cerec is practically “free” after tax deductions.
  • You are seeing twice as many patients as last year, but your cash flow is tight.

Microsoft Word – Top 11 Reasons You Need a Dental CPA.doc – Top 11 Reasons You Need a Dental CPA.pdf.

Gamify Your Dental Marketing Strategy

gamify your dental marketing strategyBecause the dental industry is competitive, the success of your practice depends on your ability to engage new patients and maintain the ones you have. So how can you use enthusiasm to drive patient retention and referrals? Gamify your dental marketing strategy.

What exactly is gamifying?  It’s the way we take our competitive instincts and control them to make everyday things engaging and exciting. We all like to play games and we all have a competitive instinct that causes us to want to be rewarded for our skills. Businesses that use gamification have profited from client engagement and seen an increase in referrals.

So how do I gamify my dental marketing strategy? It’s easier than it may sound. Apply common game playing elements like competition and points to motivate and reward your current patients to refer people to your practice. When your patients know a reward will be given they will be motivated to refer others. Some gaming elements that you could add to your referral program are points (given when a referral is made), badges (once a certain number of points is reached), challenges (goals to achieve in a certain time period) and leader board (display how your patients are competing with one another).

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Make Your Mobile Dental Site Amazing

mobile dental siteNot only is it important to have a website for your dental practice, but it is important to make that site mobile friendly as well. Having a mobile dental site is important because people are on the move and many do all their internet searching one a mobile device rather than a desktop. In an article from Dusty Ross of Epic Commerce, you can find 7 tips to make your mobile site amazing.

Layout – This is one of the most important elements of making a mobile website.  Web pages don’t usually load as fast on a mobile phone as they do on a desktop with high speed internet.  So you want your layout short and sweet so that a user doesn’t have to navigate through a ton of information.

White Space – You may think that you should cram as much information as possible into every bit of space possible, but this isn’t the case.  White space isn’t a waste.  It makes your page look cleaner and it makes your visitors able to find what they are looking for easier.

Read the next 5 tips to make your mobile site amazing here: 7 Tips to Make Your Mobile Site Amazing.

Ways To Get Money Into Your Dental Business Faster

money dental businessEvery business wants to get their money as fast as possible.  Because of the advancements in technology your dental business can get insurance claims faster and can even do direct deposit which helps speed things up. The following are a few more ways that you can get money into your dental business faster.

Emailing attachments – You can use certain services such as National Electronic Attachment, which allow you to attach screenshots from your computer screen to a claim without having to worry about printing.  This will save you time and money.

A better clearinghouse – Some clearinghouses may be printing electronic claims and then mailing them to the insurance company.  There are some services that offer claim submission and real time benefits, eligibility and pre estimates.  Check out OneMind Health.

Direct Deposit – This is one of the best ways to get your money fast.  It allows insurance companies to transfer money electronically so you don’t have to wait for a physical check to be printed and mailed.

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