Nanoparticles Release Drugs That Reduce Tooth Decay

nanoparticlesSome researchers are finding ways to use nanoparticles to reduce tooth decay. Therapeutic agents that are used to reduce dental plaque are often washed away by saliva, but the team of researchers developed a way to keep these drugs from being washed away.

To deliver the farnesol (therapuetic agent) to the areas that have plaque, researchers created spherical masses of particles known as nanoparticle carriers.  The drug is secured within it. The outer layer of the carrier is able to stay in place despite the saliva to deliver the drug.

Read all about this very interesting study on Medical News Today here: A novel way to apply drugs to dental plaque Medical News Today.

Health Effects of Biofilm

biofilmIn an article from Dental Products Report, Shannon Pace Brinker takes a close look into understanding and controlling biofilm. Dental plaque biofilm can greatly affect the health of its host and lead to the development of many diseases. If we can understand their characteristics and then ensure proper control, this will enable disease prevention.

What exactly is biofilm?  Bacteria begins to form in the mouth at birth, and constantly changes with age. This bacteria and their ecosystems reside on tooth surfaces to form biofilm.

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