Dental Marketing Tips From An Expert

dental marketing tipsDr. Jacob Plawner, DDS, has more than 30 years of successful dental practice ownership under his belt. In this article, found on Dental Economics website, you can read all about his marketing strategy and how it can help you in your dental practice. Here are 3 dental marketing tips from an expert in dentistry:

Tip #1 –It’s important to track your marketing and know where all your leads are coming from. How else will you know which marketing methods are working best? Dr. Plawner leaves it up to his front desk team to ask each caller how they heard about his practice.

Tip #2 – Once you’ve found out which marketing methods are working best, fine tune them until the results are maximized. Are leads coming from referrals, web searches, post cards or other? Dr. Plawner found that postcards were working quite well for his office. He was getting and ROI of 1, 323%! So maybe he will send out postcards twice a year instead of just once.

Tip #3 – Under promise and over deliver! This is what Dr. Plawner calls internal marketing. Basically, the infrastructure of his practice, including everything from good service to competitive pricing and same day results. It’s important to exceed patient expectations. This is how you can get return patients and referral patients.

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Salary Discussion Among Employees Of Your Dental Practice

salaryAs a business owner, there are many policies and procedures that you have to put in play to keep things flowing and keep things legal. Many businesses, including dental practices, have policies in place for their employees that state what is and isn’t ok to discuss as far as salary goes. While it is understandable that employers want employees to keep quiet about compensation, it turns out the law states that enforcing this principle is banned.

This may come as good news or bad news if you are the owner of a dental practice.  The good news is, you don’t have to be the sheriff!  You don’t have to enforce this policy anymore.  The bad news is, your employees may or may not chose to discuss salary with each other.

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The Power Of #Hashtag For Your Dental Practice

Most people have probably heard of hashtags in today’s world of social media. But just in case, a #hashtag is a way to bring diverse audiences together over a common interest by putting a # in front of your keyword. As a dental practice, hashtags are just another way for you to connect with patients through social media. So how do you make hashtags a part of your social media?

The first thing you want to do is research. You can use tools such as HashAtIt to search for hashtags that are related to your practice and already being used on social media. You can search twitter for words like #dentist or #dentistry to find out what people are saying. You can also keep track of hashtags that are trending and find a way to incorporate them into your posts.

Brainstorming and looking for creative ways to talk about your practice using hashtags is the next step. Then test and retest. Keep trying new ideas and you will know what tags are working best for your posts. According to Buddy Media, even one #hashtag can increase interaction by 100% as long as you don’t use more than 2 per post (which can then lower your interaction).

Lastly, when using #hashtags, be careful to use them wisely. Don’t participate in political topics or topics that are controversial. Don’t just limit hashtag use to Twitter. Instagram and Facebook are also great platforms that hashtags work on. Above all, be genuine and don’t make it too complicated. Have fun!

The Power Of The #Hashtag: Will It Work For Your Practice?|Dental Economics

Build Your Dental Practice Using Authentic Images

authentic imagesIf you have ever been searching online for a product or service you may have come across multiple websites that use the same photo. It may be a smiling woman on a headset, a family all with perfect teeth, or a group of business people standing together. While using stock photos, such as those you can find for free online, is a cost effective way of doing things, one of the best ways you can engage patients and build your dental practice is by using authentic images on your website, blogs and social media.

Professional photographer, Bob Thompson of Thompson Brand Images, has some tips for building your dental practice using authentic images.

First, visually introduce your staff on your website. Putting names to faces can help ease patients’ anxiety about coming to the dentist. Take photos of your team dressed in colors that match with the office colors and that tie into your theme. Also, be sure to smile!

Also, don’t be hesitant to use your camera phone to boost consumer confidence. You are, hopefully, using social media to market your practice. A quick, candid photo with a caption (perhaps sharing a happy experience with a patient or team member) can go a long way. When doing so, try not to make the photos look too staged. Your practice will look more trustworthy if the photos look candid and natural. (Just be sure not to use any photos of someone upset or frowning!)

Finding stock images that match whatever message you are trying to portray on your website can be quite challenging. Instead of doing this, take photos of what happens in your dental practice and describe what the photos show.

Lastly, market to fit your practice’s personality. You will want prospective patients to feel good about your practice from the moment they first land on your website or find you on social media. Consistent color schemes and lighting effects in your photos help attract patients. While stock photos that are too different from how your practice really looks will have patients wanting to head right back out the door.

Use Original Images To Promote Your Practice|Dentistry Today

Email Strategies To Engage Patients

email strategiesEmail campaigns are important to your dental business because they allow you to connect with your current patients without being too clingy. Email strategies to engage your patients are vital in showing you care and keeping your patients informed. The following are three email strategies for dentists to have a successful email marketing campaign.

  1. Your content needs to be easy to skim. People are busy and the last thing they want is to read a lengthy email from their dentist. Most patients won’t read the full email, so make sure it is easy to scan the main points.
  2. Your content should be interesting and not too technical. Have fun with it. You don’t want to bore your patients. Some ideas to offer are oral health tips, info about your office, events that are going on in the community, or fun dental facts.
  3. Be sure to include links to your website, appointment request forms, and social media. Email is a great way to remind your patients that they need to schedule an appointment or to share content on social media. It allows your patients to “like” or “follow” your office online.

Use 3 Email Strategies To Engage Your Patients|Dentistry Today