Dental Practice Cyber Security

cyber securityIn this growing age of technology, many dental practices are relying on electronic data. Because of this, dental offices can be vulnerable to cyber security threats. A breach of security could lead to great expense financially and a loss of reputation. If you own a dental practice, you should remember that you are a target of cyber security attacks no matter how large or small you are.

In an article from Dentistry Today, you can read about how to protect your dental practice from cyber security threats. This includes having a security team and firewalls to protect your patient’s sensitive information.  Check out the article here: Cyber Security For Dental Practices|Dentistry Today

Dental Membership Plans

What is a Dental Wellness Membership Plan?

Dental membership plans allow patients to purchase a membership to a specific dental practice who provides all their dental needs.  These include things like cleanings, exams, x-rays, and savings on other procedures. This is a great way for dental practices to get business from patients that are not insured.

Research has shown that the number one reason that patients avoid the dentist is because they don’t have any dental insurance. Currently, 46% of potential patients in the US do not have dental insurance. If a dental practice offers a membership plan they can increase their patient numbers and help people out.

Membership plans are simple and easy for patients to understand as many probably hold membership plans to other service providers. Patients make a small monthly payment to receive dental services, and as a loyal member they also receive discounts on other pricey procedures. Because they are paying monthly, it avoids a unexpected costly expense and makes it easier on the patient.

Another great thing about membership plans is that it puts the responsibility of appointments on the patient. The dental professional doesn’t have to chase existing patients with phone calls and emails to make and maintain their hygiene appointments. Because the patient is paying their monthly fee, they are more likely to stay on top of those appointments so they get their money’s worth.

Lastly, a dental membership plan gives dental practices more control over fees. Dental practices normally don’t have much control over fees and payments from dental insurance companies. With a membership plan, the practice sets the membership prices, fees and any exclusions for discounted services in order to be in control of their own revenues.

The 5 Reasons Dental Membership Plans Work|Dental Town