Shark Tank Product Improves Oral Health

shark tankYou’ve probably heard of the show “Shark Tank” on ABC where people come on with inventions and try to convince one of the “sharks” to invest in their product.  Charles Michael Yim was recently a contestant and he recently made history when he convinced all five sharks to invest a million dollars into his smartphone breathalyzer product.  Now he has invented a product with the same technology called “Mint” that measures your mouth’s bacteria and hydration levels and may help you prevent unnecessary trips to the dentist.

Read all about his product and what the ADA has to say about it in the full article here: Shark Tank Product Improves Oral Health, Measuring Levels Of Bacteria That Cause Bad Breath.

What To Consider When Purchasing New Products For Your Dental Practice

products for your dental practiceDentists are constantly being bombarded with newest and greatest options for materials and equipment.  But it is important for dentists to keep up with the times and have proper materials and techniques to efficiently run their dental practice. So if you are thinking about investing in some new materials for your practice, there are some things you can do to ensure that you are getting a reputable and worthy piece of equipment.  Here are some things to consider when purchasing new products for your dental practice.

Before you change from one product to another, it is important to spend some time evaluating the material or device. Be sure to read the information provided by the manufacturer thoroughly and study the device to make sure it seems well made. If it doesn’t come with any clinical data, it may not be the best product for you as this may mean it was a clinical failure.

Consider your motivations for switching to a new product. Is it really something you need?  Is the product you currently have working well?  If yes, then why are you switching?  If it’s not, then what do you need and expect from the new product?  Try not to choose a product just because it is new.

Remember that no matter the product, the important thing is how well it works with your technique.  New materials help professionals, but some practitioners are more concerned with having the latest equipment then actually doing the procedure correctly.

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